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Top 6 Apps to Boost Your Workout

Top 6 Apps to Boost Your Workout – Live Great

Just the thought of getting out of the house for a workout is tough enough, which is why we need all the help and motivation we can get. Why not try switching up your ear candy from the usual playlist to one of these apps that keep your sessions fun and entertaining?

  1. PaceDJ Lite
    Singapore: Free with ad support/Malaysia: Free with ad support (iOS)
    Singapore: Free with ad support /Malaysia: Free with ad support (Android)

    This popular app uses your smartphone’s built-in accelerometer to cleverly match the pace of your run to the songs in your music library with similar tempo. Thanks to this app, you will always be running to the right beat -fast or slow. PaceDJ Lite also comes with a slew of unique features such as BPM Shifting, which changes the beats-per-minute of each song to match your cadence, and it works when you are running, walking or cycling. If the beat is slightly off, all you have to do is tap on the drum and you will be right back on track.

    Pros: This app uses music from your library rather than generic workout music.

    Cons: The mobile advertisements can be a distraction to users.

    Best for: People who like to exercise with music in their ears.

  2. Strava Cycling
    Singapore: Free/Malaysia: Free (iOS) 
    Singapore: Free/Malaysia: Free (Android)

    If you are a cycling enthusiast, this app is a must-have on your smartphone. Strava Cycling tracks every detail of your ride, including: speed, distance, elevation, duration and calories burnt. After a ride, the app will display this data in a handy chart so you can refer to your progress. What sets this app apart from the other cycling apps is how social it is. It not only allows you to share your ride directly onto social media, but also browse other riders’ profiles on the fly to discover new routes around your city.

    Pros: This app has a comprehensive overview of your ride with a simple user interface.

    Cons: The app has to be running and connected to your service provider at all times during the ride. If you are riding for a long distance, this may deplete your battery power.

    Best for: Bicycle riding enthusiasts who like to keep tabs on their progress.

  3. SoFit
    Singapore: Free/Malaysia: Free (iOS)
    Singapore: Free/Malaysia: Free (Android)

    Can’t quite find the motivation to exercise today? Let SoFit do all the work for you. SoFit is an app that motivates you to keep physically active and have fun at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you are running, biking or simply walking your dog, SoFit uses your phone’s GPS to turn your daily activities and workouts into points and badges you can collect. You can try to beat a friend’s running or biking time anywhere around the world, and even participate in global challenges! Now that’s an app that will help you go the distance.

    Pros: The app also comes with a charity feature, which allows you to help a good cause while getting healthier.

    Cons: The app works well with running and walking, but not so much for other forms of exercises.

    Best for: People who need some motivation to put on their running shoes.

  4. Nike+ Running
    Singapore: Free/Malaysia: Free (iOS) 
    Singapore: Free/Malaysia: Free (Android)

    Aside from mapping your runs, tracking your progress and motivating you along the way, the Nike+ Running app allows you to set the type of activity you are performing, the type of shoes you are wearing and the terrain that you are running on. That way, it provides a more accurate feedback on your distance, pacing, timing and calories burnt. The app will even give you audio feedback as you run, allowing you to keep track of your timing without checking the phone every 100 metres. A truly helpful running partner indeed!

    Pros: Adjusts your stats according to the terrain and the type of running shoes you own.

    Cons: Not suitable for other physical activities as this app is designed solely for runners.

    Best for: People who need a beautiful, straightforward app to track their runs.

  5. Zombies, Run!
    Singapore: SGD$4.98/Malaysia: USD$3.99 (iOS)
    Singapore: SGD$5.19/Malaysia: USD$3.99 (Android)

    Now here’s a running app with a deadly twist – literally! Instead of tracking your run, this app integrates a gaming element to the entire workout experience. You start by putting on your headphones before the run, and the story and gaming instructions will be fed into your ears. After that, simply start running in the real world while the virtual zombies start chasing you. The best part is that the longer and further you run in real life, the more medicine, ammunition, batteries and spare parts you will collect within the game to build your fortress against zombies. So run for your life!

    Pros: Addictive gaming element that will keep you running all the time.

    Cons: It’s the most costly app on this list.

    Best for: Runners who are looking to inject fun to their routine.

  6. Bodyweight Training
    Singapore: SGD$3.99/Malaysia: USD$2.99 (iOS)
    Singapore: SGD$3.99/Malaysia: USD$2.99 (Android)

    Gym memberships can be quite expensive. If you are looking to save more than a few hundred dollars, this app may be the solution. Bodyweight Training gives you over 200 step-by-step workout instructions as taught by fitness instructors so that you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. The workouts here range from as little as two minutes to a full 10-week fitness programme, so there is a little something for everybody!

    Pros: Instructions are easy to follow. Also, you get all the instruction videos in one shot, so no in-app purchases needed.

    Cons: May be difficult to view instructions on devices with a small screen.

    Best for: People who prefer to exercise at home and do not want to spend money on a gym memberships.

As you can see, donning your exercise outfit and going for a workout doesn’t have to be a chore after all. In fact, with some of these apps on hand, exercising can be a whole lot of fun. The next time you head out of your front door for a jog or a bike ride, try one of these apps out and see how they can make positive changes to your life!

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