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The diabetes checklist

The Diabetes Checklist – Live Great – Great Eastern Life

The key to a successful diabetes management is to keep track of your goals, test results, lifestyle interventions and the diabetes ABCs (A1C, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol).

  • Plan your meals and keep to a balanced meal plan. Consult with your dietician once a year
    • Include more produce, lean meat, legumes and wholegrains
    • Include moderate amounts of oily fish and nuts
  • Reduce/eliminate processed food, trans fat, saturated fats
  • Get 30-minutes of moderate-intensity activity every day – or at least 2.5hours a week
  • Maintain a BMI of 23 or aim to lose about 10% of your body weight
  • Follow your medicine plan and keep to the timings prescribed. Take your pills even if you feel well
  •  Keep a list of the medicines you take and the doses. Keep this list on hand at all times
  • Test your blood glucose levels as regularly as prescribed. If there is an unexplained dip (under 70mg/dl) or increase (160 mg/dl) more than once a week, call your doctor
  • See your doctor/health care team once every three or four months
  • Do your A1C and cholesterol test at least twice a year
  • Monitor your blood pressure daily. Bring up any anomalies with your doctor
  • If you haven’t already, QUIT smoking. If you don’t smoke, never start
  • Have your eyes checked once a year
  • Have your feet checked once a day
  • See your dentist twice a year
  • Get your flu vaccine twice a year
  • Practice good personal hygiene
  • Learn to manage stress
  • Continue to read and learn about diabetes
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Great Eastern Life Indonesia terdaftar dan diawasi oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan