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Reverse aging

Reverse Aging – Live Great – Great Eastern Life

One of mankind's universal desires is to live a healthy and long life. We spend fortunes to extend our life and maintain good health. We also spend an enormous amount of time researching the causes of aging and ways of reversing the aging process.

Medical science has discovered that, as we age we lose bicarbonates in our blood; bicarbonates keep the blood alkaline. A noticeable decline begins at the age of 45 and, by age 90, we lose 18% of the bicarbonates in our blood. The reduction of bicarbonates limits the ability of the blood to manage the acid waste produced by our cells.

According to research, the turning point of age 45 is the average age when symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer, etc., start to appear. Cancer cells are acidic while healthy cells are alkaline. Cancer cannot develop in an alkaline environment; however, the lack of bicarbonates creates an acidic environment, thus creating a breeding ground for cancer. More bicarbonates in the body will prevent, but not necessarily cure, cancer.

Similarly, chronic sicknesses can be prevented when foreign entities invade the human body, the body declares war by creating white blood cells to fight the invaders. The casualties of this "war" are dead cells from both sides, and they eventually become acidic waste. If there were plenty of bicarbonates in the body, they would neutralise this waste and the body would recover quickly. If not, it would suffer the effects of over-acidity for longer duration. This is where bicarbonates play a vital role.

We all know that close to 90% of our blood is made up of water and hence one good way to replenish bicarbonates to the blood is to drink ionized water.

Korea's Number 1, the Award Winning KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer* produces water, which contains rich alkaline minerals to neutralize over acidity. The process of ionization also produces millions of antioxidants to boost immunity and slow down aging of our cells, tissues and organs.

Since losing bicarbonates in our blood, around age 45, equals to aging physiologically, we need to seriously consider the prospect of proper hydration for the purpose of anti-aging.

*KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer is Korea's # 1 water ionizer and is a recipient of two very prestigious awards: KOTRA Seal of Excellence (2010) and the MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARD (2011).

Publication of article by courtesy of H20 Life Source

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Great Eastern Life Indonesia terdaftar dan diawasi oleh Otoritas Jasa Keuangan