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Top 4 apps: monitor blood pressure

Top 4 Apps to Monitor Your Blood Pressure - Live Great - Great Eastern

High blood pressure or hypertension is often the precursor to more serious health issues so it’s best to nip this in the bud to secure a heartier future. All it takes is keeping an eye out for your blood pressure. In this day and age, there are numerous apps you can try to monitor this for you.

1. iBP Blood Pressure
Singapore: SGD$1.28/Malaysia: USD$0.99 (iOS)
Singapore: SGD$1.25/Malaysia: USD$0.99 (Android)

This blood pressure app may not be free, but it can track everything from systolic and diastolic pressure to pulse and weight. On top of that, it comes with convenient data filtering and charting functions. If you already own a Withings blood pressure monitor or wireless scale back home, the app can even sync with your Withings account and retrieve all your previous data. The app also has a wide range of sharing options, allowing patients to keep their caregivers in the loop with regard to their conditions. Should you decide to switch from one device to the other, the iBP Blood Pressure app can also sync your data across different platforms.

Pros: Great interface, supports multiple users, syncs across different platforms

Cons: Not free (though affordable)

Best for: Those who want to track data across different platforms.

2. Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker
Singapore: SGD$1.28/Malaysia: USD$0.99 (iOS)

The Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker app takes the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate and weight of the user, then automatically presents the data in a well-designed graph, complete with arterial pressure, pulse pressure and body mass index. It also provides a healthy range with warning lines if the patient is at risk of hypertension or hypotension. Combined with convenient sharing capabilities, it allows physicians and caregivers to monitor data closely.

Pros: Well-designed graphs, user-friendly interface, detailed instructions

Cons: Not available on other platforms

Best for: Patients and/or caregivers who want to keep a close eye on data

3. Health Tracker PRO
Singapore: SGD$2.58/Malaysia: USD$1.99 (iOS)
$3.79 (Android, tablets only)

If you are looking for one app that does it all, this is it! The Health Tracker PRO focuses on three common health problems: blood pressure (such as systolic and diastolic pressure, resting heart rate and mean arterial pressure), blood sugar level and body mass index. The app, with its intuitive, self-explanatory interface, is designed to cater to non-medical users. It also aggregates your data so that you can easily identify out-of-range readings.

Pros: Collects all your data in one place for easy viewing

Cons: More expensive than other featured apps

Best for: Users who want a holistic view of their health

4. iHealthMyVitals
Free (iOS & Android)

If all that data entry turns you off, try this app from iHealth instead. Designed to work with the suite of iHealth devices, such as WiFi-connected weighing scales, blood pressure monitors and more, this app quietly updates all your data as it is measured without any effort on your part. Create a personal dashboard based on your devices and preferences, then share your data instantly with friends and family.

Pros: Rich and informative app, wireless syncing, user-friendly.

Cons: Only works with iHealth devices.

Best for: Those who already have an iHealth blood pressure monitor at home.

Now that you have these apps loaded up on your smartphone, monitoring your blood pressure is easier than ever before.

Remember! Keeping an eye on your vital signs is just the first step. The next step is to lead a healthier lifestyle, making sure that regular exercising is part of your daily routine.

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