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Heavy periods getting you down?

Heavy Periods Getting You Down? – Live Great – Great Eastern Life

Do you cancel or avoid activities due to your periods? Do you change protection every 1-2 hours or wear extra protection? Do you worry about 'accidents' or avoid intimacy? Would your quality of life improve if you could eliminate heavy periods?

If your answer is 'yes' to any of the above, you may be suffering from menorrhagia, or heavy menstrual bleeding. And you are not alone. One in every five woman suffers from this chronic and inconvenient condition.

Symptoms of menorrhagia
The bad news is that these women experience symptoms that range from severe pain and fatigue to emotional turmoil and embarrassment. Heavy menstrual bleeding also disrupts a woman's lifestyle and social activities, resulting in missed time from work.

A survey on the problems caused by menorrhagia was carried out. They found that nearly 60% reported lack of confidence due to heavy periods. Nearly 70% felt they could not perform effectively at work, and often skipped on plans or sports. About 80% claimed that their periods made them fatigued, and even anxious. According to a study in 2005, nearly 40% of women with menorrhagia developed anemia.

Treatments that lighten your load
The good news is that heavy menstruation can be successfully treated. Together with your doctor, it is possible to assess the amount of blood loss and bleeding cycle pattern to formulate a treatment plan. Several factors will be important to your treatment decisions, including whether or not you intend to have children in the future.

  • Non-hormonal medical therapy works by reducing the amount of bleeding during the days of heavy periods. This is a safe route if you are planning for pregnancy and want to avoid the side effects of hormonal treatment. However, this may not be adequate for very heavy bleeding, and does not regulate period cycles effectively.

  • Hormone therapy involves the use of hormone injections or oral contraceptives, and is a common treatment method to treat problems caused by heavy menstrual bleeding. They are mostly effective but usually must be taken continuously to be effective. However, most of the hormonal treatments are contraceptive and are thus unsuited for women who desire pregnancy.

  • Hysterectomy, or the complete removal of the womb remains a very common treatment option for women with problematic periods. It is a radical and highly invasive procedure that is associated with lengthy recovery period and potentially serious surgical and anaesthetic risks. While it does end menstrual bleeding altogether, it is a drastic procedure with great long-term risks that most women should not need to take.

  • Endometrial ablation is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that permanently removes the uterine lining that causes menstrual bleeding. Endometrial ablation is safe, effective, and recovers a minimal recovery time. Pregnancy chances are reduced, though it is still possible.

  • Conventional endometrial ablation removes the lining of the womb with electrosurgical tool, laser, heated fluid, or freezing temperatures. The latest technology makes use of measured radio frequency energy via a slender, hand-held wand. The entire procedure takes about 5 minutes to complete with higher than 90% success rates.

Depending on your condition, you can opt for the appropriate treatment that best meets your needs. Heavy periods need not be a lifelong struggle. Take charge today and recover the quality of life you were meant to live!

Publication of this article by courtesy of ParkwayHealth Marketing Communications

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