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Dry eyes?

Dry eyes?– Live Great – Great Eastern Life

Computer vision syndrome: An epidemic of tired eyes
The signs are clear: we all face eye strain. With computer-based work, mobile phones, TV screens and other visual stimuli becoming an ubiquitous part of our lives, our eyes are burning out. A temporary condition called ‘computer vision syndrome' is becoming a common complaint. This is a type of eye strain due to long hours of close work, usually on the computer.

Symptoms of eye strain and computer vision syndrome include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Burning or tired eyes
  • Double or blurred vision,
  • Loss of focus or a slowness in focusing
  • Burning sensation in the eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Teary and/or red eyes
  • Headaches

Many of these indicate that your eyes are tired out and you've probably been working far too many hours in front of the computer without a break.

Exercise your eyes
Your eyes need rest and exercise too. Here are some tips in reducing eye strain and alleviating headaches associated with long computer use. These will even help give you a little stress relief.

Move your eyes!
Actively engage your eyes even while you work by using two screens. Set each one up with different resolutions and at different distances. Use both for reading, so your eyes have to keep adjusting. This keeps your eyes activated! They have to constantly change their focal length and move all day, 'exercising' as you work.

Another way is to set a timer to 55 minutes and take a 5-minute 'eye-breather' to look at something far in the distance so your eyes get to adjust their focal length.

Take your eyes for a walk
Not only will the exercise do you good, a walk during lunch will give you the chance to work your eyes. Look into the distance, at the sky, buildings, trees and people, so your eye muscles move and stretch.

Stretch your neck and back
The sensitive nerves in your eyes, face and neck are all connected. A light stretch of the neck and back improves blood circulation in the head and can also relieve the eye muscles.

Keep hydrated
Drink at least 8 glasses of plain water a day to keep the body – and your eyes – well hydrated and lubricated.

Relax your eyes
Watching TV or playing computer games at the end of the day may relax your mind, but keeps your poor eyes working. Rest them at the end of the day by simply finding some quiet time, sitting or lying down and gently pressing your palms onto your closed eyelids. Let the warmth from your palms relax your eyes.

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