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The 6 bad habits that will make you fat

The 6 bad habits that will make you fat– Great Eastern Life

Everywhere you go, you're bombarded by temptations to overeat.  The television flashes pictures of luscious entrees and gooey desserts.  Going to a cafe for a simple cup of coffee, and you'll be tempted to add 500 calories worth of whipped cream and sugar. Get off your guard and the pounds will start to pile on.  Here are the things you must avoid if you don't want to gain weight:

  1. Mindless eating  
    You talk on your cell phone with a doughnut in the other hand.  You load the dishwasher while munching on corn chips.  While multi-tasking helps to higher productivity, it also increases your appetite.  Our bodies crave the tastes and smells of food, but when you eat mindlessly the food you eat doesn't satisfy those cravings.  The result is overeating.
  2. Eating when you're not hungry
    With so many enticements to eat, many of us have completely lost touch with our bodies' own signals, which tell us when they need fuel if we pay attention. Next time you're tempted to reach for that snack, ask yourself if you're truly hungry or just responding to the urge to nosh.
  3. Overloading on sweets and starches
    Most foods help us feel satiated.  Protein and fats compensate for their calories by stifling hunger pains for hours.  For many people, sweets and starches have the opposite effect.  They send the blood sugar soaring and then plummeting, leaving us feeling ravenous even when it's only been a short time since we've eaten.  For those who are insulin sensitive, the problem is even worse.  Instead of trying desperate diets, which never work in the long run, trying eating what you want--except for sweets and products made with white flour.  You'll be surprised at how well this one change helps you control your weight.
  4.  Watching too much television
    Watching television tends to put us in a metabolic stupor which burns fewer calories than almost anything else we do.  At the same time, we are bombarded with commercials for restaurants and food products. We snack while we watch, losing track of what we're eating.  For all these reasons, television is a waistline-expander. If you must watch, limit it to your favorite programs.  Better yet, switch it off.  If you find yourself channel surfing, get up and do something else with your time.
  5. Too much web surfing
    Spending hours on the internet creates many of the same problems as television, but it's even more addictive. Use the internet to access information, do necessary work, and connect with friends, but avoid hours and hours of aimless surfing.

  6. Drinking your calories
    Nearly every beverage you consume can sneak extra calories into your diet.  Sugared sodas and high-calorie coffees sneak pounds on, and the sweetening makes you overeat.  Even diet sodas are associated with weight gain in some studies.  You can combat this by getting yourself used to a non-caloric, healthy beverage.  Unsweetened tea is an excellent choice.  At first, it may taste bland to you, but keep drinking, and you'll learn to enjoy the natural flavour of unsweetened tea—one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. Skim milk is another excellent choice; studies have shown that those who consume more calcium have fewer weight problems.
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