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Dance your way to health and mental wellness

Dance your way to health and mental wellness- Live Great – Great Eastern Life

If working out seems is just too much of a hassle, seems too tedious or feels too boring, get creative and consider dancing! Think back to the days of clubbing and how you'd never tire from all that fun you had on the dance floor. In fact, dancing is so much fun that it hardly feels like you're working out. But even as you're having the time of your life, you're burning calories, reducing stress and getting into shape. As with any other exercise, it will also help you lower your blood pressure, kick-start your energy levels and reduce stress.

The benefits of dance
Kong Peiling, 30, a part-time dance teacher and full-time physical education teacher has been dancing since she was four years old. She says dancing is great for getting fit because "it provides a full body workout and works our cardiovascular fitness. It also improves your flexibility, muscular strength and endurance". She's right: dancing is one of those exercises that provide both an aerobic workout as well as muscle-strengthening activity. Dance is especially good for you aerobically because most dance classes require you to stay moving and active for up to an hour. During that entire time, your body is taking in oxygen, transporting it to your muscles, and helping you to expend energy in the process.

Dancers are also required to bend and twist, leap and jump as part of their dance routines. These moves will stretch and strengthen the muscles in your body. To maximise the benefits of dancing (and to polish up your moves!), you should break up your normal exercise routine with dance classes two or three times a week. Regular dancing helps boost health both physically and mentally, it:

  • Improves physical attributes: flexibility, strength, stamina and coordination
  • Burns calories and aid in weightloss
  • Enhances mood and a sense of wellbeing, thus providing stress relief
  • Builds confidence and problem solving skills
  • Boosts memory and mental alertness, reducing the risk of dementia in later life

Dance Your Worries Away
Attend just one dance class and we promise you that you'll spend the rest of the day thinking about the dance moves rather than that horrid colleague at work, that pending paper due or the traffic jam you are stuck in. What's more, dance does wonders for boosting your self-esteem as you get in shape, lose weight and – because posture is key when it comes to dance – start walking with your back straight and your chin up.

Find a Dance
Dancing comes in all shapes and forms so it will be pretty easy to find one that suits your fitness levels and interests. Here are some popular dances:

  • Belly Dancing
    Originating in the Middle East, this graceful and sensual dance-form is great for strengthening the back muscles as it uses the torso muscles much more than almost any other type of dance. It is also said to be good for women looking to give birth as it strengthens the abdominal and pelvic muscles.
  • Bollywood Dance
    Bollywood dance is a one-of-a-kind hybrid that combines the traditions of classical Indian dance and folk dances with hip-hop and a whole lot of other inspirations. The pumping bhangra beats will get your body moving – and improve your rhythm, balance and coordination.
  • Exotic & Pole Dancing
    These two dance forms used to be only for the daring, but they've shed their risque image as more people see it for the complete workout that it is. Moves include acrobatic bends, flips and kicks using the pole as support.
  • Latin Dance
    Latin dance is really easy for people to pick up and is great for people of all ages. All you need is a partner who is willing and able, plus some sexy Latin flair! Includes dances such as the cha-cha, samba, salsa and tango.
  • Hip Hop
    Fast-paced and fun, hip hop dance moves will improve your flexibility and coordination while teaching you awesome dance moves that you can show off the next time you hit the clubs. A class once a week is a great break from your normal exercise routine.

Just remember: it is important to do things in moderation. Every body is different, always listen to your body and adjust your fitness regime accordingly.

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