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Personal Accident Insurance 

You can never predict when an accident will happen to you. What is certain is that, when it occurs, you—and your loved ones —will be badly affected. That’s why you need the safety net of a personal accident policy such as Easi-Protector, which gives you coverage, 24 hours a day — tiding you over the inevitable financial strain.

Key benefits

Weekly benefits
Should an accident happen that prevents you from attending to all or part of your work, profession or business, we will pay a benefit for each week of temporary total or partial disablement up to a maximum of 104 weeks.

Double indemnity
If an accident occurs that leaves you with the permanent loss of two limbs, total paralysis, total loss of sight or death while travelling in public transport, we will pay double the sum you are insured for, inclusive of any renewal bonus (if any).

Personal liability
Should you become legally liable to pay a third party for accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage, we will pay for costs incurred, subject to the limits stated in the Table of Benefits.


Additional Benefits

Medical expenses
Easi-Protector covers all your medical expenses, such as room and lodging, along with clinical, medical and surgical treatments up to the amount insured. This extends to traditional treatments, such as traditional Chinese medicine, for which we will pay a maximum of RM25 per visit and up to RM250 per accident.

Car assistance programme
This programme entitles you to tap into our exclusive arrangements with Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn Bhd (AAN). The services provided include 24-hour emergency towing and roadside repair, car replacement assistance, hotel accommodation as a result of a vehicle breakdown, maximum repair or towing limit up to RM300 per accident and referral to accredited service or repair centres.

Renewal bonus
The principal sum insured will be increased at renewal by 10% per year up to 50% of the original principal sum insured provided no claim has been incurred under accidental death and permanent disablement of the policy.

Bereavement allowance
We will provide a bereavement allowance in the event of accidental death up to the sum insured of the plan selected.

Ambulance fees
Should there be an accident and the ambulance service is required, we will cover the ambulance fees up to RM200 per accident.



  • Our policy's age limit starts from 18 years to 65 years old. But allows for renewal up to 70 years old.
    You are eligible for the policy if your profession or occupation falls under the following classification:

    • Class 1
      Persons engaged in professional administrative managerial, clerical and non-manual occupations.

    • Class 2
      Persons engaged in work of supervisory nature and others not in Class 1 whose duties do not involve the use of tools or machinery or expose them to any special hazard.
      Persons only occasionally exposed to hazardous environment e.g. outdoor salesmen and site engineers.

    • Class 3
      Persons engaged in manual work not particularly hazardous nature but involving the use of tools or machinery.

Excluded Occupations
If you happen to be in the listed professions below, please contact your nearest representative for more details.
Army/military/police and law enforcement officers, air crew, acrobats, body guards, debt collectors, demolition workers, explosive handlers, firemen, fishermen, jockeys, loggers/lumberjacks, miners, offshore/oil rig workers, quarry workers, racers, steeplejacks, sawyers, seamen, security guards, woodworking machinists and professional athletes.

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Should you require any further product information, you may call us at 1300-1300 88 (press “2” for General Insurance). Alternately, you may email us at

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