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Wong Siew Kuan

Wong Siew Kuan

Male 7 Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Malay, Hakka Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Klang/Shah Alam, Kajang
Bachelor of Communication (Hons)

I used to work in sales until I got inspired by the saying "A doctor can save a life, but an insurance agent can save a family" back in 2012. I have been with the insurance industry as a Life Planning Advisor ever since.

I enjoy meeting people from different age groups, professions and races. I treat my clients like my friends, being a good listener and helping them in achieving their dreams. I provide need-based product recommendation and not just focus on product sales as I believe that insurance is a financial tool to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Currently, I am pursuing to further enhance my knowledge in financial planning as a Registered Financial Planner to add value to the services provided to my clients. To me, this is a very meaningful career as I believe everyone deserves a right to chase their dreams, it is my pleasure to be able to help them by providing a platform or solution.

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