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First Lye Yik Ming

First Lye Yik Ming

Male 9 Mandarin, English, Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien Klang Valley, Penang, Butterworth
B.Eng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering IDA 2017-2018, MDRT 2018-2019, TOP 5 Rookie USM

FIRST LYE YIK MING holds a B.Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University Putra Malaysia. After being part-timer agent for a year while working as a green consultant engineer, FIRST LYE decided to commit as a full-timer, in addition to a better service to clients, he can allocate more time for learning.

FIRST LYE YIK MING currently owns a team and each of them located at different states in Malaysia, like Penang, Taiping, Sg Petani, Teluk Intan, Kuantan and Klang Valley Hence, their clients not just served by one person but is served comprehensively by a whole team. Their team slogan is Serve By Team. FIRST LYE YIK MING designed his own method called 90 Days + Pre-contracted 30 Days Newbie Training program to train newbies which was published in an International Financial Advisory magazine.

In everything he does, FIRST LYE YIK MING ensures that his clients can be well-educated with the importance of insurance or crucial clauses in requested product. FIRST LYE YIK MING also claims that The Fastest Way To Achieve Success Is To First Help Others Succeed.

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