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Lee Suek Ting
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Lee Suek Ting

Female 5 Mandarin, English, Malay Tangkak, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka
BSC(Hons) Finance and Investment MDRT, SES VIP(2019-2020), Supremacy EliteandPremier Travel, Learning,

I studied BSC(Hons) Finance and Investment in UCSI University. After involving in financial industry, I noticed a lack of financial planning awareness among the youngsters. I strongly believed that personal financial planning at young age is the most critical things that paves the road to success.

I am honored to be part of Great Eastern as I can apply my knowledge in tailoring financial plans to cater for individual's needs. After working with a variety of clients, I realised that I enjoy helping individuals and business owners in risk management.

I design simple financial practice to help clients to understand their current financial situation. First, identify their asset and debt. Second, calculate their monthly income and expenses. Third, develop a suitable insurance plan to protect their financial asset. I hope to inspire more young people to involve in early financial planning.

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