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High blood pressure

Week 2: Eat your way to a healthy heart

This week, we put the spotlight on the fuel we feed our bodies. Discover how a clean diet can increase energy and regulate high blood pressure. The earlier we start eating healthily, the sooner our bodies reward us with extraordinary results, so start today!

Step 1: Find your eating style

When you discover how and why you eat it's so much easier to change unhealthy habits. Take our questionnaire and find out if you prefer to eat on the go or prefer the gourmet option.
  • Question 1
    How do you plan your meals?
    A) I make a list of what I’ll need for the week and build in a few extras ‘just in case’.
    B) I just grab something quickly when I’m hungry, or eat what’s put in front of me at home.
    C) I buy good quality food and have at least one meal out with friends each week.
    Pick One
  • Question 2
    What’s your routine when watching TV at home?
    A) I like to have a snack prepared for my evening’s entertainment.
    B) I might get something from the kitchen in the advertisement breaks.
    C) I don’t usually eat when I’m watching TV – I can’t concentrate properly on both the food and the programme.
    Pick One
  • Question 3
    What’s your attitude to going out for a meal with friends?
    A) I like to know where we’re going and will probably spend time beforehand thinking about what I’m going to eat.
    B) I’m happy to go along with other people’s plans.
    C) I love trying out the latest eatery - whatever the cuisine.
    Pick One
  • Question 4
    How well do you know your local hawker centre?
    A) The uncles and aunties at my favourite stalls know exactly how I like my food.
    B) Well enough to be able to find a takeaway for lunch when I’m working.
    C) I know all my local hawker centres - and which ones do the best dishes in each!
    Pick One
  • Question 5
    Are you label-conscious? Do you know about what’s in your food?
    A) I try to keep an eye on what I’m eating, but the labels can sometimes be confusing.
    B) Life’s too short to read all the small print. Surely manufacturers have to ensure our food is of decent quality, no?
    C) I prefer to eat fresh food rather than processed food. As long as my food tastes good I’m probably eating healthy.
    Pick One
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Step 2: Download your week 2 recommendations

What you'll find inside:

  • Ways to make your meals healthier
  • Foods to avoid to maintain a healthy heart
  • A healthy eating plan to keep an eye on your choices.
Download Now, it's Free!
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