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One2Juice started in 2014 with expertise in making cold-pressed juice. From 2 years’ experience in on ground retailing, One2Juice has restructured business model to be supplier of cold-pressed juice in Klang Valley producing juice for bulk orders, wellness events, cafes, yoga studio, and pharmacy. There are so much benefits from having cold pressed juice than blended juice, or HPP processed juice, or any concentrated juice. It is the purest juice with maximum nutrients loaded that are beneficial to our body. With such belief, we persist in making juice to people and continue to extend our territory to every corner of Klang Valley, and nationwide in the future, to bring healthy drinks to people as far as we can reach.

What is cold-pressed?

It means no-heat incurred in the juicing process. Research shown 50% more nutrients and the living enzymes can retain in the juice by using cold pressed juicing method compared to the traditional blended juice. On the other hand, it helps in minimizing the juice being oxidized, therefore need not worry to finish your juice within 5 minutes, it can last up to 5 days keeping in the chiller. No preservatives, no additives, no sugar, no water added in the juices. Juices are purely extracted from the fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1. Rich nutrients and vitamins: Our juices are loaded with vitamins, which allows our body to absorb as much as the benefits from the juice.
  2. Quality ingredients: Every single ingredient contributes significantly to the juice. Only ingredients that are high in quality will produce quality juices. One2Juice do not use fruits or vegetables that are nearly spoiled to maximize the profit.
  3. Winning taste: We value the importance of setting recipes right. We took at least 2 months to study a recipe and mix the perfect combination for one juice. Each of the juices symbolized our effort. We make every of our juices to taste delicious, so people can drink happily whilst allowing the body to absorb the maximum benefits from the juice.
  4. No artificial: It is 100% original juice extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables. No heat pasteurized, no colouring, and no preservatives.
  5. Glass bottle: To keep the juice at its best condition, it must be in a glass bottle. Just like wine does not store in a plastic bottle.
  6. Handcrafted: Juices are all handcrafted, as if we juice at home. Each bottle of juice goes through our juice barista from zero to final goods.
  7. Made fresh daily: All the juices are made fresh every day. It is to ensure customers to enjoy the freshest juice when reaching their doorstep.


LIVE GREAT Card Members Exclusive Privilege:
Enjoy purchase of 15 bottles and above at RM10 flat with free delivery on One2Juice website

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid until 15 May 2019.
  • The offer is valid via online purchase here with the promo code “livegreat10” for LIVE GREAT card members.
  • The offer is not valid with other ongoing discounts, offers, rebates, vouchers, promotions, privileges or membership/loyalty programs, unless otherwise stated.
  • Gifts, purchase-with-purchase items and other privileges are limited to one per customer and on a while-stocks-last basis, unless otherwise stated.
  • Great Eastern Life and One2Juice reserve the right to replace the gift/complimentary item (with an item of similar value) if it is unavailable at the time of purchase, where applicable.
  • Discount, vouchers and privileges are not exchangeable for cash, kind or other goods and services.
  • The offer may be subject to prevailing government taxes and/or service charges, where applicable.
  • Great Eastern Life is not an agent of One2Juice or vice versa.
  • Great Eastern Life makes no warranty or representation as to the quality, merchantability or fitness for purpose of One2Juice’s goods and services, and hence would have no liability to any person in respect of One2Juice’s goods and services. Any disputes regarding One2Juice’s goods and services must be directly resolved with One2Juice.
  • Great Eastern Life shall not be liable in any way for any loss, claim, damage or injury suffered or incurred in connection with the utilisation or enjoyment of the offer, utilisation or enjoyment of any of One2Juice’s goods and services, or redemption or usage of any gifts.
  • Great Eastern Life and One2Juice reserve the right to vary or amend the offer or the terms and conditions applicable thereto, without prior notice. Great Eastern Life reserves the right to terminate or withdraw the Programme or any privileges without prior notice or liability to any party.
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