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Colour Me Up! 2017 Colouring Contest



Join us as we inspire young children to eat healthy foods that give them the nutrients they need to maintain their health and help them grow while harnessing their artistic skills through colouring. Get your children to join the Colour Me Up contest today!

Contest is open to all school children aged between 7 to 12 and all primary schools nationwide.

Contest Categories:

1. School Children

    Category A: Age 7 – 9           
    Category B: Age 10 – 12
  • The top five (5) most creative coloured visuals with the most creative slogan from each category will be crowned as the winners.
  • 20 contestants from each category will receive consolation prizes.

    Prizes for School Children Category:

    How to take part:

    1)     Draw and colour/complete the picture. Any colouring tools such as colour pencils
            and crayons can be used.
    2)     In not more than 20 words, complete the slogan, “I love eating healthy because…”
    3)     Fill in personal particulars of the parent/guardian along with the child’s.
    4)     Fold and glue the contest form where indicated.
    5)     Mail the contest form back to us. No stamp is required.

2.    Schools:

        Category A: 1 to 100 students
        Category B: 101 to 300 students
        Category C: 301 to 600 students
        Category D: 601 to 1,000 students
        Category E: 1,001 students and above
  •    School winners will be determined based on the highest participation ratio, i.e. total complete participation divide by total number of students in the school.
  •    If there is a tie, date of receipt of the contest forms will determine the winners (earlier submission wins).
  •    Note: Forms/parcels received will be dated accordingly.
    Prizes for School Category:

For schools to take part, please email to for complete details.

Download the contest form HERE!
Date: 02 May 2017 (Tuesday) to 21 July 2017 (Friday)

Photopied contest forms are also accepted.

For enquiries, kindly email to 
call 1300-1300 88.
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