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Great Eastern 112th anniversary

112 Years of Living Lifeproof

112 years of living Lifeproof

Here’s to the ones who make us #lifeproof.

As we commemorate 112 years of empowering customers, we celebrate each and every one who makes a part of our Great Eastern family. The ones who continue to give us their all, no matter what comes their way. Whether it’s our financial representatives or employees – from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia to Brunei.

To our Great Eastern family, thank you for all that you do, for making us all that we are today.

We played ‘Guess the superhero’ with our colleagues’ kids – watch to see what happens:

What other kids have to say about their superhero parents who works in Great Eastern.

Alvin + Audrey & Ashley

We asked twins Audrey and Ashley (age 5) to play ‘Guess the Superhero’. Would they succeed? 

Dimas + Michael 

We asked Michael (age 6) to play ‘Guess the Superhero’. Would he find the right answer? 


Siti + Dania 

We asked Dania (age 10) to play ‘Guess the Superhero’. Would she guess the right answer? 


Samson & Alison

Samson + Alison

To many, being on the non-client-facing side of the business may sound ‘less exciting’. But not for Samson, who with his team sprung into action when the circuit breaker started – working closely with financial representatives to design the ideal video conferencing experience for customers.

At home, Samson enjoys goofing around with his daughter Alison – from rapping to their favourite jams, to snapping photos and laughing at each others’ antics. 



Balaji & Jagruthi

Balaji + Jagruthi 

The COVID-19 situation unearthed major hurdles for businesses around the world. Particularly for Balaji and his team. Thankfully, they managed to switch gears quickly without much disruptions, and keep the organisation moving as a whole.

When it comes family time, Balaji and Jagruthi enjoy spending time outdoors, watching their favourite cartoon Tom & Jerry together, and playing doctor and nurse. Like her father, Jagruthi hopes to be able to help people and save lives when she grows up. 



Gertrude & Vanessa

Gertrude + Vanessa

With every great company lies a dedicated team that keeps things moving behind the scenes. And such is the case for Gertrude and her IT team, having worked round the clock to provide support for product launches, initiatives and daily tasks, as well as ensuring everyone could transition effectively to working from home – following the onset of Covid-19.

To Gertrude and her daughter Vanessa, fun times at home often includes play dates with friends, playing the piano, assembling Lego models of all varieties, and watching YouTube videos to experiment with wacky playthings like slime. 



Alice + Nuan Ting

Alice + Nuan Ting

Being in the business for close to a decade, Alice understands the importance of being there for customers in their time of need – having assisted with the 6-month premium deferment programme, created to help policyholders affected by COVID-19.

To her, quality time with her daughter Nuan Ting means spending at least an hour in the morning and evening, for school work, reading, and, most of all, making art – which her daugher enjoys sharing with friends. 



Azim & Amanda

Azim + Amanda 

A jovial person by nature, what Azim enjoys most about the business is giving advice to customers, in matters from planning for their child’s education, healthcare, investing or retirement planning. Named the Top Rookie in 2019, he gets great satisfaction in helping customers make concrete plans for their ambitions.

At home, Azim and his daughter Amanda enjoys reading her favourite books such as Peter and Jane, along with short stories including Jack and the Beanstalk and Matilda, Her favourite movies? Definitely Frozen 1 and 2!



Nurlyiana Sarah

Nurlyiana + Sarah

To Nurlyiana, being on the frontline often means keeping customers away, in order to keep them safe amidst the pandemic. And that includes encouraging (and educating) policyholders to make payments online, instead of doing so in person over the counter.

When she’s not helping others at work, Nurlyiana enjoys spending time with her daughter Sarah, and nurturing her love for art – a passion that began when she was 3 years old – as well as capturing their favourite moments in photos.



Chin Loon & Yee Shuen Zee Shuen

Chin Loon + Yee Shuen and Zee Shuen

During the MCO, it was difficult for customers to interact with agents in getting the insurance coverage they need.

We harnessed the power of digital technology and provided our agents with online tools to help support customers during the time of need.

To strike a balance between family and work, Chin Loon spends time with his kids playing badminton and teaching them how to cycle to keep healthy. He believes it is important to cultivate healthy living at a young age.

Kuldip & Roshan

Kuldip + Roshan

In times of need, you’d be surprised at how much a caring soul and a warm helping hand can make a difference. Having had 13 years of experience in Customer Service with Great Eastern Malaysia, Kuldip continued to rise to the occasion and did her very best to meet the needs of the customers.

During the MCO, Kuldip and her colleagues managed to turn around 3,000 email queries from customers efficiently despite working from home. Juggling between her work and family, she managed to spend quality time with her son Roshan and discovered his interest in Pokemon and drawing. Roshan also learnt about mummy’s work and felt very proud of her effort in helping so many people at Great Eastern!

Grace & Melody

Grace + Melody

For Grace, a normal day at the office involves serving customers in need. During the MCO, Grace and her team worked tirelessly to provide support to customers and families who are affected by COVID-19.

The team also supports the agents to expedite customers’ queries during critical situation. She believes team work and being supportive of one another will help overcome the difficult times.

Grace favourite moments with her daughter Melody includes cycling, baking, colouring and watching TV together. And most of all, receiving hugs or relaxing massages from “Mommy’s human energy charger”. 

Nanda & Reiner

Nanda + Reiner

In times of crisis, we often look towards people that can stay calm and quickly take action. Here in Indonesia, we look towards Nanda. As the leader of the strategic analysis team, Nanda is tasked to right the ship at Great Eastern during these unprecedented times.

During this work from home period, Nanda actively supports and empowers his team, and helps them to thrive even during the pandemic. He does all these, and still finds time for his son Reiner. His natural instinct to care has been extraordinary, for both his family and us, at Great Eastern!



Febri & Abi

Febri + Abi 

Do you know someone who helps many people on a daily basis, and never skips a beat? We do. Meet Febri, Great Eastern Indonesia’s resident Wonder Woman! A personal assistant, secretary and loyal friend to many, Febri always tries to help in any way possible.

Febri’s caring nature instantly kicked in during this COVID-19 period, as she cared for her colleagues and community by sending them food and donating dried goods to the less fortunate. Just like she takes care of her son Abi when she works from home, she makes sure everybody is taken care of!



Hana & Arlene

Hana + Arlene

When times are tough, leadership is key. A perfect example of a leader we all look up to is Hana, our Head of Finance here at Great Eastern Indonesia. Her adaptability to the current situation was key in helping Great Eastern and our customers navigate the rough waters of the pandemic.

Besides work, Hana also found time to connect with family, as she works from home! During break time, Hana listens to the stories that her daughter Arlene writes. Through this, Hana learnt that Arlene has a passion for superheroes. We are sure some of that love was inspired by her mother, the hero of the family and her colleagues, here at Great Eastern!





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