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Live #Lifeproof Campaign Unveils New Inspiring Brand Films and Consumer Promotions to Boost Resilience

If you haven't seen our new Live #Lifeproof brand films launched last month, here is one of them. If you shed a tear, then it's worked its magic.

Why? Because many of us, including our customers living in these unprecedented times, are facing huge disruptions and uncertainties, and can relate to the questions posed in the films.

But all is not lost as “Life's questions do not define us. Our answers do.” We can all choose how we respond, to keep a dream alive, to be survivors. This second instalment of #Lifeproof extends Great Eastern’s central brand promise as The Life Company and our vision to empower our customers to stand ready for all of life’s uncertainties and take positive action on the matters in life near and dear to them.

Consumer Promotions: Free Retrenchment & Dengue Coverage

To help customers with practical concerns during this time of uncertainty, we are also offering an additional retrenchment benefit to customers who purchase regular premium investment-linked plans from now to 31 August 2020. Customers will receive a complimentary Retrenchment Premium Waiver benefit up to 12 months, in the unforeseen event that they are retrenched during the first two years of their policy.

In view of the rising dengue cases in Singapore, customers who purchase selected regular premium life, personal accident and health insurance plans from now to 31 August 2020 will receive complimentary 12-month Dengue Care. This includes a S$1,000 one-time hospital benefit, S$200 per day of hospitalisation, and 50% coverage for their spouse and children. 

Customers will also receive 15-20% premium savings for selected health and investment-linked insurance plans, which are growing areas of importance to consumers.

Find out more about living #Lifeproof at or visit the Great Eastern website for more details on the offers. 

‘The New Future’ Virtual Townhall: Moving into the Winning Position
The New Future Virtual Townhall
The New Future Virtual Townhall

Great Eastern Singapore successfully organised its second virtual staff townhall for 2020 on 29 July, with 850 staff in attendance. This time, it was held at the recently opened Prestige Suite at VOLTAGE, broadcast live through Webex.  

GCEO Mr Khor Hock Seng started off by thanking all staff for all their hard work and support during these changing times, and shared on company updates with our latest financial results which were encouraging overall, considering the restricted business activities amid COVID-19.

Moving forward, Mr Khor said: “This New Future offers many opportunities and it’s about creating a new Winning Position of Greatness. Our results in the first six months is testimony to our resilience as a company. We need to leverage on this strength and the right mindset to move into a Winning Position.”

Keywords he asked staff to focus on include: Customer-Centricity - doing the right things for our customers; Being on the Offensive - thinking positively with a winning mindset and taking the right actions; lastly, everyone should Have a Higher Ambition, he said, pointing to our goals and ambitions remaining unchanged even with the COVID-19 situation, instead becoming more pronounced and accelerated than before, so we should Think Big.

Colin Chan, MD, Group Marketing, unveiled the new brand film of the Live #Lifeproof campaign and called to staff to embrace the concept to understand everything they do.

“The spirit of resilience is the spirit of Great Eastern, and this is what we have been doing for the last hundred years, helping people find the answers in times of need. As a Life Company, we are helping them to live #Lifeproof,” he said.

Group Marketing will continue revamping the approach of designing and implementing propositions; building up its digital product shelf with more offerings; and driving awareness and conversion to lead into different propositions such as investment-linked policies, protection and digitalisation.

James Lee, MD, Group Human Capital, shared some initiatives that will enable us to #Lifeproof our People for the future. At this time, the company continues to care for employees’ health and safety and a feedback channel has been set up to provide more information on COVID-19 topics, along with regular weekly communications.

”Prepare ourselves for the future through learning and development.” said James, who introduced a new interactive e-learning module on the Generic Skills and Competencies (GSCs), launched to focus on soft skills. He also pointed to a #FutureReady Virtual Learning Carnival coming up in Q4. The carnival supports our bigger direction that learning and skills development will aid us, as individuals and the company, to be #FutureReady, to be a sustainable business that is able to easily adapt to the changes in the evolving future.

Staff will be heartened to know that COVID-19 has not stopped the company from recruiting new talent either. James updated that over 40 positions out of the 200 open trainee/internship places under SG United Traineeship Programme had been filled. He also elaborated on the Culture Transformation Programme, #mygreatculture behaviours and new mindset employees need to embrace in the New Future, coming to you soon through Augmented Reality on newly redressed office walls.

The session wrapped up with a Q&A segment, with questions from employees sent remotely to the presenting executives. Sorry folks, no changes in KPIs overall but adapt to learn and grow. The company also confirmed that a different work model post-circuit breaker restrictions is being explored, and there will likely be a hybrid model for staff to work from home a few days a week balanced against the need for physical interactions.

Watch this space for the new exciting developments and activities coming up in 2H 2020!

Real Talk with Ryan Cheong
Real Talk with Ryan Cheong

Hear from our leaders on what inspires them, and their personal take on work and life. TGT chats with Ryan Cheong, MD, Digital for Business who has been with the company since 2012. He leads Digital strategy & transformation for business for the Group.

1)   What is the biggest key learning/observation you have made in the last six months with COVID-19?

COVID-19 has made us as humans confront our deep-seated need for connection as social beings. We are all wired to live in a community and to find connections with fellow humans, and this has come under threat when we have had to restrain ourselves by distancing ourselves from friends and relatives, just to protect them and the society-at-large. 

The pandemic throws up questions about our approach to customer-centricity and the need for continuous engagement. Providing good insurance products and doing the job well for the customer is only one part of the equation. Have we missed out on the need to connect with our customers? Do customers not desire to connect with us, consistently and continuously, especially when they are buying into a long-term relationship called life insurance? 

2)   What is the next big trend in digital that we should all pay attention to?

Digital will move us in a hyper-connected era, but not necessarily a more united society. Stratification along lines of beliefs, preferences and interests will become pronounced. It can become dangerous if we hear only things that we want to hear.

The same could be applied to emotions towards our brand. Things can swing for or against us in a frenzy fairly quickly. This calls for a new way of thinking of brand management in this digital hyper-connected era.

3)   A famous person you would like to meet and why?

Famous persons have so much that is already known of them. What more can you learn from meeting these people, unless perhaps to take a groupie photo as a badge of honour?

Confucius said: “Surely in a party of three there is much for one to reflect upon. Follow what is good and change in you what is not good”. (三人行必有我师焉。择其善者而从之,其不善者而改之。)

Many of the problems that we face are structurally similar to those faced by other people in other industries or context. The stories of success and failure of persons outside our domain could offer us valuable analogous insights to solve our problems.

Very often our first reaction when faced with a problem is to ask “What is the competitor doing?” This is perhaps an expedient way to solve a problem. However, it will only help us to do as well as our competitors.

If we want to do better, we need to have the ability to look outside and bring in new ideas.

4)  Your personal motto is…

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care,” said Theodore Roosevelt, former American President.  Even super heroes need allies. So we need the power of people to bring their own talents into a common mission to succeed. People will only follow you with their hearts, if they know that you are genuine and truly care for them.

5)     What keeps you up at night?

Hardly anything these days. I have been blessed to have a team that I can count on. I do dream about problems we are trying to solve and sometimes the bulb of solution lights up in slumber. Blind spots that I do not see when awake do present themselves to me in my dreams once in a while. It may be that our brains are so amazingly constructed to be able to do so only if we give our bodies the rest that they need. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep!

6)   For you, the most important quality in a leader is...

“Be yourself, with skill”. Be a genuine leader. We trust people who are genuine, people who are real. You can fool all people sometimes, but you can’t fool people all the time. Those people before us who have so carefully coined the corporate values have already seen this. We need leaders who have Integrity, to be true to what they believe in and who they are. We need those who take the Initiative to lead their teams to doing what is right. And, we need those who care enough for their team members to be Involved, at the right time and with skill.

7)   What do you do in your spare time?

I believe we should “create our own problems” outside of work.  By that, I mean, to sample and try doing different things outside of work.

For example - don’t just read books on business management. One of my bosses previously told me that reading business books can make me stupid. What he was trying to warn me was not to lose that edge of critical thinking. So I try to read widely. I would encourage everyone to do so. This is one way to make analogous connections to problems that we are trying to tackle. I am currently reading The Structure of Scientific Revolution, published many years ago on the philosophy of science, a subject I regret not taking while pursuing only subjects that I thought I could ace in school.  

I look for things that I can do within an hour or so. I make photographs, draw and paint, keep pet fish, make compost, groom my dog, build Lego models and bake bread. The list is long, but it does mean that I get to sample and try different things.

And in between, I help my son with his spelling practice while the bread dough is being proofed, or just as long as it takes to get him to complete the practice!

Giving Out Care Packages for Kg Orang Asli Sg Gabong Villagers
Giving out Care Packages for Kg Orang Asli Sg Gabong Villagers
Giving out Care Packages for Kg Orang Asli Sg Gabong Villagers

As part of our ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme Great Eastern Cares with the community in Kg Orang Asli Sg Gabong, Bentong, Pahang, we were able to visit the villagers there on 20 June 2020, to deliver food and essential items that were originally intended to be delivered before Hari Raya.

Despite the Movement Control Order (MCO) with a substantial number of staff working from home, the Great Eastern team still came together to donate the items for the 100 families in the village. Everyone just kept giving, until there was enough to put together a care package for each family, made up of rice, cooking oil, flour, sardines and personal hygiene items.

GETB CEO En Shahrul handed out the care packages to family representatives in a simple ceremony, while adhering to strict social distancing guidelines. The day was made even more meaningful and memorable, with an expert from Jabatan Pertanian Daerah Bentong giving out free vegetable seeds and farming tips to help the villagers diversify their sources of income. In addition, we were happy to provide delicious packed ‘nasi ayam’ lunch for the whole community that day.

To our Great Eastern family, we cannot thank you enough for your generous contributions to #Lifeproof the community. You are the true ‘frontliners’ of our CSR programme!

Recognition for Our CSR Efforts on NVPC’s Social Channels
Recognition for Our CSR Efforts on NVPC’s Social Channels
Good deeds do not go unnoticed it seems. We were recently invited to share our community efforts through Great Eastern Cares by The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages, with the most recent S$1m COVID-19 Customer Care Fund and the company-wide effort that additionally raised S$265,000 through the Great Eastern Cares Community Fund, as well as our focus to help the community Live #Lifeproof. CLICK and SHARE with your friends.

People Matters During COVID-19

With many countries under lockdown or social movement restrictions and practising social distancing during this period due to COVID-19, our various Human Capital (HC) teams in the region put together different activities to keep all our staff engaged, positive, productive and healthy.

Virtual Corporate Orientation in Malaysia

People Matters During COVID-19

The New Normal, or New Future, is changing how organisations operate in many ways today, but our commitment towards our people remains the same, and this begins on the first day an employee joins the company.

For the last few months since April in Malaysia, we have taken our monthly onboarding online via our ‘Virtual Corporate Orientation Programme’ to welcome our new staff and give them the opportunity to experience the Great Eastern culture.

Conducted for one and a half days via Webex by various speakers from HC and other departments, newbies go through virtual ice breakers, quizzes to pepper their day, topped off by Great Eastern corporate t-shirts and welcome packs from HC to commemorate their digital onboarding experience.

As the Life Company, ensuring the newcomers receive the best onboarding experience has always been one of our top priorities, as we constantly innovate and transform an employee experience to keep our staff motivated and engaged.

Inspiring Wednesdays in Indonesia

People Matters During COVID-19

Who knew Wednesdays could be inspiring? A traditional mid-week hump day is made more exciting for our Indonesian colleagues, by a webinar series called ‘Inspiring Wednesday’ for all employees during the Work-From-Home period to help keep productivity, smiles and positivity up.

With topics covering mental health and upgrading competency skills in the digital era, staff were treated to insights by different speakers. An interesting session in July was ‘Enhancing Virtual Productivity’, which helped everyone assess his or her priorities, shared gems on defeating procrastination, handling interruptions and tips on how to keep oneself motivated during difficult times.

Care Packs for Staff in Indonesia and Singapore

People Matters During COVID-19
People Matters During COVID-19

Care packs were popular in Indonesia as Human Capital team put together masks and vitamin supplements for each employee who went to office to help everyone stay healthy and positive, while appreciating them.  

In Singapore, the team organised home deliveries of 1,662 packs of lion-emblazoned Great Eastern masks for all employees in July. Verdict: We Liked!

Coming Out Stronger from COVID-19

As a Life Company we help our customers, financial representatives and employees to Live #Lifeproof. This includes establishing COVID-19 funds for customers and financial representatives, as we aim to help our people as much as we can through the crisis.

Here to share their stories are our customer Bapak Saut Simorangkir of Indonesia, financial representative Siti Nur Indra Jalal and colleague Xie Jiahao of Digital Marketing team (both from Singapore), who have successfully battled COVID-19 recently, with our care and support.

Coming Out Stronger from COVID-19

Bapak Saut Simorangkir

Sometime after Great Eastern Singapore and Malaysia announced financial support for customers in their markets, Great Eastern Life Indonesia (GELI) launched its COVID-19 Customer Care Fund in March to help its customers affected by the pandemic.

Bapak Saut Simorangkir, a COVID-19 survivor, is one of the beneficiaries who shared his experience with TGT. Hospitalised for 10 days due to COVID-19 from end April, he received a cash benefit of Rp 15 million (approx. S$1,400) from GELI, and was very grateful for the support extended to policyholders from GELI, especially since his policy was not a health product but an investment solution - Super Investlink Plan 101. When interviewed: “I am very surprised and very glad for the assistance and attention. Thank you Great Eastern, and please continue to be a truly helpful insurance company.”

During the period 29 March to 30 June 2020, GELI customers who were hospitalised due to COVID-19 would receive a hospital cash benefit of Rp 1.5 million (approx. S$140) per day with a maximum of 30 days per Insured, and a death benefit of Rp. 5 million (approx. S$467) per Insured if due to COVID-19.

GELI has paid out a total of Rp 42 million (approx. S$3,925) for its customers under this initiative.

Coming Out Stronger from COVID-19

Siti Nur Indra Jalal

Our financial representative Siti Nur was tested positive in March, as Case 812. She was put into immediate isolation and unable to work for more than two months, hence she could not reach out to as many new clients as usual. Fortunately, she received the daily hospital income benefit from our COVID-19 Agency Force Fund* that helped tide her over the situation.

TGT: What happened when you were tested positive for COVID-19?

Siti Nur: I was living my life as per normal, going for appointments and social functions. One day, I experienced a sudden spike in temperature. I developed a fever so severe I couldn’t get out of bed for three days. I also couldn’t taste or smell anything.

Then I got a call from my client whom I met a few days before, saying that she was tested positive for the virus. I quickly went to the nearest testing centre to get tested. True enough, on 28 March, I received the call from Ministry of Health informing me of the unfortunate news.

I was hospitalised at National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) for six days until my fever went down. Once the doctors ascertained that my condition was stable, I was transferred to Mount Alvernia Hospital on 3 April where I was warded till my recovery.

TGT: Tell us what you found most challenging during your quarantine and how did you overcome it?

Siti Nur: Being in insolation for 49 days really affected my mental health. I was held captive by a virus that has no cure, even though I was physically well. I was deprived of any social experiences. I missed my family and loved ones so dearly but all I could do was virtually meet them. I didn’t realise how important a hug can be until I couldn’t have any close contact with my family.

The hardest part was when it was my mom’s birthday and my family all gathered to celebrate and sing her a birthday song. All I could do was watch them have a wonderful time through the video call. However, I was still grateful that my family was safe at home and no one was infected by me.

It was crucial for me to remain positive at these times and not succumb to negative thoughts and emotions. My family’s and friends’ constant checks on me made the isolation much easier to go through.

TGT: What was the first thing you did the day you returned home?

Siti Nur: I was so thankful that I was released from the hospital a few days shy of Hari Raya. When I got home, I was welcomed with a home-cooked meal, specially made by my mom. After which, my family and I started preparations to celebrate Hari Raya.

TGT: What were the well wishes you received from your colleagues during your quarantine?

Siti Nur: I received many messages of encouragement from my colleagues and friends. They were one of the reasons why I could remain positive during my 49 days of isolation. They constantly checked on me and made sure I was okay.

TGT: Any words of encouragement for those facing the same situation during this pandemic period?

Siti Nur: It is important to remind ourselves that this hardship is only temporary, and we will all come out of it stronger. I always believe that no matter what, the sun will shine!

*The COVID-19 Agency Force Fund has provided our representatives and their families with quarantine, hospitalisation and death benefits. 

Coming Out Stronger from COVID-19
Coming Out Stronger from COVID-19

Xie Jiahao

Back in March, Jiahao was staying with a friend to support and help him with his late wife’s funeral arrangements. His friend had returned from the UK and was later tested positive for COVID-19 and hospitalised. Thereafter, Jiahao started developing the symptoms while serving his 14-day quarantine order away from home…

TGT: What happened when you were tested positive for COVID-19?

Jiahao: That intended one-week stay extended into three weeks. I only started developing mild symptoms one week into my quarantine starting first with a sore throat, becoming a cough and eventually, a low-grade fever of 37.8°C. I alerted MOH and was sent to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) in an ambulance for a nasal swab test. Thereafter, I was sent back to my designated location escorted by an auxiliary police vehicle.

Within 24 hours, I was informed of the swab test result. I felt my world shatter. Being one of the earlier cases (Case 865), I didn’t know how this would pan out. There was little information then about the recovery rate.

TGT: Tell us what you found most challenging during your quarantine and how did you overcome it?

Jiahao: I was admitted to NCID during the week of my daughter’s sixth birthday. As the news was still quite fresh for everyone, one of my worries was how the kids would cope, who were probably thinking: “Daddy is supposed to be home after one week, but after three weeks, Daddy is now in the hospital.”

Days before my daughter’s birthday, my wife asked her what cake she would like. I made a confident guess that she would choose Elsa from Frozen 2. With a heavy heart, my wife told me that my daughter wanted a cake with a family picture of Daddy, Mommy, her brother and herself under a rainbow.

I was so moved. That was when I realised my absence during her birthday had hurt her deeply. Even though there were many gifts from friends on her birthday, she broke down in Mummy’s arms before bed because her Daddy wasn’t around.

TGT: What was the first thing you did the day you returned home?

Jiahao: On the day I was told I could go home, I shed uncontrollable tears of joy. I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. The moment I stepped into the house, I had a good shower just for peace of mind. The first thing I did was to hug my kids and my wife, then we prayed together as a family, thanking God that I am home safely. Then we had a small belated birthday celebration for my daughter, my son and myself. (see photo)

TGT: What were the well wishes you received from your colleagues during your quarantine?

Jiahao: My colleagues and bosses respected my privacy so that I could have the space to rest and recover. They offered words of encouragement and constantly checked in on my swab test results. Knowing that there was a mad rush at the supermarkets as it was days leading up to Circuit Breaker, they offered to help my family get groceries. For this, I am extremely grateful. A shout-out to Mr Khor, thank you for your call and well wishes too!  

TGT: Any words of encouragement for those facing the same situation during this pandemic period?

Jiahao: This pandemic affects everyone in one way or another, no one is spared. But as we go through these uncertain times, I hope everyone stays strong and united. Instead of looking at what you have lost, choose to look at what you have gained. Live one day at a time; tough times won’t last but tough people do!    

Bapak Saut, Siti Nur and Jiahao, TGT shares your happiness in your recovery and hopes you will all continue to stay healthy!

VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives
VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives

Opened last December, VOLTAGE, our new Career Discovery Space for our financial representatives, is a holistic, unique new age space specially designed for a multi-purpose experience.

Here is where you’ll find:

  • A stimulating space to engage potential recruits and host learning journeys, complete with interactive digital displays.
  • A nurturing area to support future learning, that comes with a 360° screen.
  • A dedicated private space for our Prestige Partner customers.
  • A one-stop service centre for financial representatives on Operations, IT Helpdesk and Customer Service.

Opening hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday-Friday

Discover with us the highlights of VOLTAGE: 

VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives

The Rotunda:

A uniquely designed open space to host events and seminars creatively.

VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives

Multi-Purpose Service Centre:

Drop boxes are also available for our financial representatives to perform a prompt transfer of essential documents to the respective departments in Great Eastern beyond office hours.

VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives
VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives

Prestige Suite:

Equipped with digital face biometrics for secure entry, this is an exclusive space for PP financial reps to connect with their clients in a cosy setting.

VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives
VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives
VOLTAGE – The New Career Discovery Space for Financial Representatives

The GREAT Discovery Zone:

An experiential digital showcase to show potential recruits what it means to be a financial rep.

Booths like ‘Be Advisor for the Day’ will give potential recruits a glimpse into the career, Great Eastern’s values and strengths as a regional leader through interactive digital screens.

This space aims to be an Academy of Excellence to support awareness programmes to all visitors, to inspire the next generation of advisors.

Launch of New Shopee E-store with GREAT Value Protect
Launch of New Shopee E-store with GREAT Value Protect

Great Eastern is now on at Shopee! Our Digital Affinity Team has recently launched our e-store on this leading e-commerce platform, with GREAT Value Protect (GVP) as the first product listed.

GVP, which is now on offer on Shopee with a 12% discount at just S$16.78 for a full-year coverage, provides a daily hospital allowance if one is hospitalised due to COVID-19, dengue fever, accidents and more; coverage of up to S$20,000 for accidental death or accidental total and permanent disability; and coverage of S$10,000 for death due to COVID-19.

The process is simple:

1. Complete the purchase. Tap on Notifications > Shopee Updates > "Order is Successful" to access unique codes.

2. Copy Promo Code and visit Great Eastern website to activate coverage.

3. Paste Promo Code. Fill in particulars. An email confirmation will be sent upon successful activation.

4. Coverage starts upon successful activation.

Our e-store and GVP have received numerous positive customer feedback such as:

“Really easy and very, very fast.”

“Simple process. Value for money coverage during this period!”

“Fast delivery! Super affordable, especially when it covers for a year!”

Shopee counts among the top three most popular shopping platforms in Singapore and across Southeast Asia, with a monthly traffic of more than 4 million in Singapore alone.

Look out for more products to be rolled out on our Shopee e-store at next!

Get New Online Shopping Rewards on UPGREAT with RebateMango
Get New Online Shopping Rewards on UPGREAT with RebateMango

Our all-in-one reward platform UPGREAT is partnering once again with online rewards digital platform RebateMango to offer new attractive dining, lifestyle and shopping rewards in-app.

UPGREAT members will enjoy a new seamless online shopping experience and the chance to receive more UPGREAT points when they shop at over 500 localised retailers such as Shopee, Agoda, AliExpress,, Lazada and more!

What’s more, they can exchange their UPGREAT points for KrisFlyer miles, Shell Select vouchers, GrabFood vouchers, dining vouchers from various food establishments and other attractive rewards.

Ryan Cheong, our Managing Director, Digital for Business said: “As we look to launch UPGREAT across the region, we will continue to work with RebateMango and like-minded partners to engage our members in new and exciting ways.”

Sign up and start shopping on RebateMango, at today!

Webinars to #Lifeproof the Next Generation

Great Eastern is partnering with trending speakers on a series of webinar workshops to cater to the next generation customers in the upcoming months. Covering topics namely Professional Competencies, Financial Literacy and Lifestyle Skills, these sessions aim at helping young adults with fun, bite-sized learning workshops to Lifeproof their priorities and milestones.

These workshops are designed to help profile Great Eastern as their top-of-mind insurance provider, and provide a curated learning platform for fresh graduates and the new-to-workforce on relevant topics such as career, health, fitness, financial life hacks and more.

Starting from Q4 2020. So watch this space for more details soon!

GELI Collaborates with Bank Muamalat for Sharia Insurance Product
GELI Collaborates with Bank Muamalat for Sharia Insurance Product
GELI Collaborates with Bank Muamalat for Sharia Insurance Product

Great Eastern Life Indonesia (GELI) has embarked on a strategic partnership with Bank Muamalat Indonesia. The signing ceremony, which was held online on 26 June 2020, is one of the many business acceleration activities in this new normal, or new future period.

This partnership marks a new step for GELI, to start working together with Bank Muamalat Indonesia to provide insurance protection in accordance with Sharia principles for customers who are financing at Bank Muamalat Indonesia.

The product to be distributed through Bank Muamalat Indonesia is Asuransi Great Hasanah Pembiayaan, which aims to provide protection for the bank’s customers who are financing with a one-time payment of contributions. This will bring more benefits and peace of mind for customers and their families as they seek to achieve their life aspirations through financing at Bank Muamalat, for GELI will pay off the balance of the financing if the customers pass away during the financing period.

The collaboration was inaugurated by the signing of the cooperation plaque by Mr Fauzi Arfan, Finance Director of GELI (left in above photo) and Mr Purnomo B Soetadi, Retail Banking Director of Bank Muamalat Indonesia.

“With this collaboration, we hope to help the Indonesian people gain protection in accordance with Sharia principal and increase Sharia insurance contribution income,” said Mr Fauzi.

GELI Implements PrivyID Signature Service for Secure Signing
GELI Implements PrivyID Signature Service for Secure Signing

Even as the COVID-19 situation continues, Great Eastern Life Indonesia (GELI) has been actively connecting with customers to continue providing insurance protection solutions and tools and educate them through its digital platforms, while meeting new government regulations. This includes product explanations in virtual mode and digital signing of documents in a safe and secure environment, to enable seamless sales and convenience for customers.

At the end of May, the Financial Authority Services of Indonesia issued a new regulation allowing the industry to explain and sell unit-linked products* through video calls or conferences – face-to-face mode was mandatory previously. Additionally, customers can sign the e-Application with certified digital signatures.

Since June, in line with this new regulation, GELI’s Financial Advisors have thus been able to conduct remote explanations to customers via video calls to market the unit-linked products. For the other products, as they are not subject to the face-to-face requirement, our Financial Advisors have already been able to conduct explanations and sales with customers remotely since the beginning of April, in view of the pandemic.

To comply with the government requirement for certified digital signatures for insurance applications, GELI implemented the use of PrivyID. PrivyID is a legally binding digital signature service provider and protected by an intenational security system, which can be used by customers to sign the Insurance Application Form through their mobile devices. The outcome? More convenience for the customers, and for our Financial Advisors, they can make secure sale transactions and boost their productivity even during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

* ‘Unit-linked product’ is the Indonesian term for an insurance product that is combined with investment, which is equivalent to investment-linked policies in the Singapore context.

GELI Offers YesDok Telehealth Service for Customers and Employees
GELI Offers YesDok Telehealth Service for Customers and Employees

Great Eastern Life Indonesia (GELI) has recently launched a telehealth service in partnership with the YesDok mobile app, in view of the current COVID-19 pandemic season.

Under this service, GELI group insurance customers and GELI employees can take advantage of virtual doctor consultations, diagnosis and prescriptions through the app without needing to visit a clinic or hospital. The entire process is cashless, and the consultation and prescription costs will be deducted from their benefit, for their convenience. If the patient purchases medication via YesDok (XtraGreat), the cost will also be deducted in this way and the medication will be delivered to his or her doorstep.

For individual GELI customers who purchase Great Optima Link with Great Health Cover rider, they will be covered under the Xtra Great package with the benefit of 10 teleconsultations, valid for one policyholder and four family members.

This initiative aims to support the local government’s efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. Since its launch, more than 1,000 GELI customers and employees have benefitted from using YesDok. This is testament to our efforts as the Life Company in providing the best solutions for our customers.

Read & Win: June Issue Survey Winners & New Quiz

A big “Thank You” to all readers who took part in last issue’s survey on TGT’s new look.

Congratulations to the five following winners with the best feedback and suggestions! You have won 2,000 UPGREAT points (worth S$20)!

  • Kelly Leong
  • Neo Cin Yen
  • Mohd Razali
  • Jacintha Merissa Low
  • Stephanie Wong

The points will be credited into your UPGREAT account by mid-August. Keep a lookout for them!

And now for the next quiz. Answer all the three questions below correctly and stand to win 2,000 UPGREAT points (worth S$20)! Five lucky winners with the correct answers will be picked.

Q1: What is the key tagline in the Live #Lifeproof campaign brand film?

Q2: What is the offer price of Great Value Protect (GVP) now on Shopee?

Q3: Name the feature in VOLTAGE that is a uniquely designed open space to host events and seminars and comes with a 360° screen.

Send your entries to by 30 September 2020. Open to GELS staff only. Winners will be announced in the next TGT issue in October.

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