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MoneyFM Live #LifeProof with GREAT CareShield Campaign Interview
MoneyFM Live #LifeProof with GREAT CareShield Campaign Interview

In this podcast on our latest Live #Lifeproof campaign, our Managing Director, Group Marketing, Colin Chan sat down with Zora who was one of the #Lifeproof crew in our brand films, to talk about their inspirations behind the campaign and Zora’s personal journey with living with disability.

Listen in to find out more!

Real Talk with Colin Chan
Real Talk with Colin Chan

1)      How has COVID-19 shaped our company’s marketing strategy?

Our marketing strategy this year has been all about living #Lifeproof. As leading insurer, we must continue to be mindful of our customers’ evolving needs and to bring them insurance solutions to help them live #Lifeproof.

The way we conduct business will not change after COVID-19.  Customers continue to be our priority and consistent customer engagement communication is ever more important now. We are seeing an uptick in online and social media content consumption and today, we are using digital channels more than ever.    

2)      Where are we now, what are our challenges (can be us or industry) and opportunities in consumer marketing?

Digitalisation has really changed the way we work and emphasised the importance for us to be the first-to-mind insurer for our customers’ protection needs. We see the importance to have continuous mindshare with our customers and new customer target groups, and build digital affinity partnerships to provide insurance solutions more conveniently and seamlessly. We will increase our online engagement with our target audiences to create digital and social conversations with them.  

On the product marketing side, insurance is largely still a product which is sold and not bought. We want to encourage customers to make that purchase decision with us through our customer propositions. Customer centricity is the core of all that we do, including offering solutions through different distribution channels – our agents, bank partners or any other sales channels.

This challenges Marketing to adopt a customer-centric marketing approach which is to communicate our propositions simply and clearly, and effectively develop products and solutions that truly resonate with customers. And it all starts with understanding their needs and using these insights to shape our solutions.

3)      For you, the most important quality in a leader is...

Empathy, resilience and humility. These three qualities stand out the most when I think about what makes a good leader.

As leaders, we need to help our people to succeed in their areas and grow and develop with the organisation. We must always be there to guide and motivate our teams, come what may. Showing resilient leadership is important when we face challenges, and we must be able to bounce back from any setbacks to move our teams forward.  

Humility is important because we do not know everything as much as we think we may know. We are not going to be right all the time.

4)      What is your philosophy about dealing with life?

Live life fully and do what we can to contribute what we have to the people around us. Be serious in what we do but let’s not take things too seriously. ;)

5)      What makes you happy every day or what inspires you?

Finding a purpose in our work is key to making it meaningful, and that’s my daily inspiration / motivation to come to work. My purpose in the context of “work” has been to do whatever I can to help more people get adequately insured. This is because I believe that insurance is truly good for everyone. It makes me happy to know that more people are benefitting from being insured through the work we do, whether big or small.

6)      A famous person you like to meet and why?

There are many famous people whom I find interesting but I’m actually happy to meet anyone who has something to share. I believe there is always something that we can learn from everyone, if we reflect on it sufficiently.

7)      How do you occupy your free time (outside of work)? / What makes you tick?

Real Talk with Colin Chan
Real Talk with Colin Chan
Real Talk with Colin Chan

I am quite a hands-on person. I enjoy tinkering with things and fixing stuff, and that’s why I’m still driving my 48-year-old car for the last 20 years! It is a toy and a project at the same time, haha.

I also enjoy experimenting with cooking. I’ve been helping with preparing various roasts for Christmas since young as my parents usually host our relatives annually. This year, I tried my hand at baking sourdough bread, and this was sparked off because my wife ran out of yeast one day!

I also think that being a farmer would be a possible second career for me. This year, my 11-year-old son was keen to try planting, so we now have a row of chilli plants and our latest harvest was over 50 chillies last week!

I also enjoy DIY projects, so I find that doing simple plumbing or even electrical work at home interesting and engaging.

Upskilling with our #FutureReady Carnival
Upskilling with our #FutureReadyCarnival

Did you join the #FutureReady Carnival – our first ever virtual learning carnival held from 1 -30 Oct? We called in the experts from Google, Microsoft, KPMG, LinkedIn, Facebook and many others to form an exciting line-up of 15 webinars to learn from them.

Covering topics ranging from Sustainability, Cybersecurity, Managing Business Opportunities, Insurtech and others, our #FutureReady Carnival was definitely an event not to be missed!

Upskilling with our #FutureReadyCarnival
Upskilling with our #FutureReadyCarnival

This year’s carnival was designed to be a self-paced, bite-sized (90-minute for all you busy ones out there) and an inclusive experience for our employees.

Eager to learn more? Keep a look out for upcoming learning programmes and join us to be #Futureready!

GELI Financial Literacy Session: Pandemic Survival Kit – Insurance as Basic Survival Kit
Financial Literacy Session: Pandemic Survival Kit

To mark the Financial Inclusion Month in October, Great Eastern Life Indonesia (GELI) collaborated with its affinity partner Qoala, an Insurtech company and Akseleran, a P2P Lending Company, to conduct a  financial literacy session for the community with the theme “Pandemic Survival Kit : Insurance as Basic Survival Kit”.

Mr Fauzi Arfan (Finance Director, GELI), Mr Tommy Martin (Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Qoala) and Mr Andri Madian (Chief Marketing Officer, Akseleran) were the invited speakers.

Mr Andri Madian shared about P2P Lending and Insurance and Mr Tommy Martin talked about how changes in consumer behavior would impact the insurance industry. Mr Fauzi Arfan also highlighted to the attendees on the importance of having insurance as a priority during the Covid-19 period.

The event drew good response and it was an interactive session as the attendees asked many questions about what they could do to have a better financial future during this pandemic period. GELI hopes that the community would become more aware on how to manage their finances through this financial literacy session.

Watch the full recording here: 

GEGI Financial Literacy Session: Financial Education to the Community
Financial Literacy Session: Financial Education to the Community

As part of Great Eastern General Insurance’s (GEGI) continuing efforts to provide financial education to the community, GEGI stepped in to fill in the knowledge gap, following a study conducted by OJK and AAUI (Indonesian General Insurance Association) which showed that youths and women have generally lower awareness level of insurance.

It is with this in mind that for Financial Inclusion Month, GEGI organized two webinars in October to promote awareness on the importance of insurance. The first webinar was organised for 100 Senior High School SMA Pelita Kasih Makassar students and teachers, and the second webinar was a collaboration with AAUI and OJK to present to 70 women and youths from the Youth Association and Women Association (YAWA) in Batam.

We had Mr Bayu Samudro (Head of Underwriting & Reinsurance) to share with the students and teachers from Senior High School SMA Pelita Kasih on the different types of insurance and their benefits. During this 1.5-hour webinar, the students enjoyed Mr Bayu’s conversational presentation style which put them at ease to ask questions during the question and answer segment. Mr. Bambang Harianto (Branch Manager, Batam) presented to the youths and women from YAWA on why insurance is important such as protecting one’s home assets.

The overall takeaway from the webinars were that the participants gained better knowledge of insurance and understand why it is important for them. GEGI certainly looks forward to doing more for the community in our financial education outreach efforts!

Life Programme: Work, Fun and Healthy (WFH)

Inspiring people to Live Great especially during this COVID period when most are working from home, Great Eastern Life Indonesia (GELI) Human Capital  had a Bootcamp series from October to December 2020 to encourage staff to do a heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing 1-hour virtual workout three times a month to keep fit and healthy.

We had enthusiastic GELI employees who signed up for this bootcamp and it was evident that they thoroughly enjoyed it! Many happy faces could be seen during the virtual workout and our employees also took the opportunity to virtually meet and greet their fellow colleagues.

The fun did not stop when the bootcamp ended! GELI employees were challenged to take part in a virtual team challenge on 11 December so that they could continue to keep fit and healthy while working at home.

Here’s a peek into our virtual workouts of our employees doing their various muscle-stretching poses below!

Life Programme: Work, Fun and Healthy (WFH)

Doing Good for the Community - Orphanage Visits and T-shirts Distribution
Doing Good for the Community - Orphanage Visits and T-shirt Distribution
Doing Good for the Community - Orphanage Visits and T-shirt Distribution
Doing Good for the Community - Orphanage Visits and T-shirt Distribution

As a company committed to doing good for the community, Great Eastern General Insurance organised visits to orphanages across 8 cities in Indonesia in September and October. 

With the support of our Group Brand and Sponsorship team (Singapore office), we donated 6000 brand new sports T-shirts and we distributed them to our beneficiaries. Our efforts were timely as many charity foundations were affected during the Covid-19 Pandemic as orphanages experienced reduced support from donors and the wider community.

As we continue to provide insurance for communities across the region, we are glad to be able to step in to continue being a company that cares for our community.

Steering Great Eastern towards Creating a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is the buzzword these days. So what does sustainability mean and how does it affect us at Great Eastern? Find out the answers in this eDM!

We also formed Sustainability Ideas Generating Group (SIGG) this year. With members across our Finance, HR and Marketing teams, we swiftly had our first workshop, hosted by the Design Capabilities and Culture (DCC) Team in September.

Distinguished panellists from organisations such as Shell Singapore and the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment were invited. They shared the importance of sustainability and how it was necessary to integrate sustainability into business functions.

Here are the insights gathered:

1.    Long-term profitability matters – Sustainability aims to help a business thrive over a very long term period as the long-term profitability of a business is a key consideration before implementing any sustainability initiatives.

2.    Capitalising on our existing business model – As an insurance company, Great Eastern has to manage risks related to sustainability though companies from other industries such as the oil and gas companies may have a stronger impetus to manage environmental risks arising from their ongoing business activities. We will learn from best practices on how companies embrace sustainability into their business functions and assess how we may best incorporate these learnings to create and become a sustainable business.

3.    Courage to test new business models – Being #FutureReady with a sustainable approach will also encourage companies to explore new business models that complement their current practices. For example, Shell Singapore cited its own approach in embracing electricity (beyond oil and gas) which requires a wholly different revenue and cost model for success.

4.    Stakeholder Communications is important – Stakeholder involvement across the board is crucial to ensure that sustainability initiatives enjoy the fruit of long-term success. It is therefore important to be transparent and consistent when communicating the importance of sustainability throughout the organisation, and how the company firmly supports such initiatives to ensure outcomes.

As we seek to create a sustainable future together, we will be sharing more about our sustainability initiatives with you. So stay tuned!

Steering Great Eastern towards Creating a Sustainable Future

Learning about our Pillars of Sustainability
Learning about our Pillars of Sustainability

Did you catch this eDM in your mailbox? As sustainability continues to create a buzz worldwide, we intend to do our part as a company to create a better future for all.

Look out for tips and tricks that YOU can use to have a more positive impact on our Earth and communities.

Join us and be part of the change!

A Phygital Introduction to GREAT CareShield
A Phygital Introduction to GREAT CareShield

With the introduction of the government’s national CareShield Life scheme on 1 Oct, we launched our Live #Lifeproof with GREAT CareShield campaign to remind people to plan ahead of unforeseen circumstances with our GREAT CareShield Life supplementary plans. These plans are to offer enhanced protection and financial support to help Singaporeans manage long-term care expenses in the event of disability.

Following the launch, we held a webinar for members of the public and staff of corporate clients. The webinar featured Singapore's top female personal finance influencer SG Budget Babe (also known as Dawn Cher), hosted by Senior Executive Planner and Associate Trainer, Mr Tan Yang Chin on:

  • The differences between CareShield Life and ElderShield (CareShield Life offers more protection than the latter)
  • The importance of disability insurance coverage (it is always better to be prepared!)
  • How one can supplement one’s CareShield Life coverage

Following the immense success and good response, where we had 550 sign-ups, we organised a unique phygital (physical and digital) event in November! At this phygital event, besides livestreaming the CareShield seminar, we also hosted a client appreciation event where our prospects could meet and interact with our financial representatives at the Centre for Excellence.   

The events were a success with close to 1000 sign-ups! You can catch the November session here (password : Sae@1711).

Keeping our Young Job Seekers #Lifeproof with the Next Gen Webinars
Keeping our Young Job Seekers #Lifeproof with the Next Gen Webinars

The #Lifeproof Next Gen Webinar continues its webinar series to equip Singapore’s next generation with futureproof skills that are important for the job climate today and tomorrow! To encourage more participants to join such informative and practical webinars, referrers1 and referrals received 1,000 UPGREAT points.

We held 3 webinars from October to December and here’s the round-up of the sessions:

  • October: Mr Dominic Bohan, co-founder of Story IQ shared on how to harness the power of Data Storytelling and some of the best practices of using data to tell a compelling story to drive call-to-action. 
  • November: by Mr Isaac Reyes, co-founder of Story IQ conducted a session on “An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Everyone”. The webinar introduced artificial intelligence and its uses in today’s world.
  • December: Mr Jason Tan from Signature Image Academy held a “Digital Personal Branding for Career Success” webinar where he shared tips on how to create a strong personal branding using digital tools to stand out at the workplace.

We were glad to end the Next Gen Webinars on a great note as participants enjoyed these practical sessions and gave positive feedback! Here’s what they said:

“Dominic is very eloquent and very knowledgeable. Wei Ming was also a good host and asked very good questions.”

“The session was inspiring, insightful and informative.”

 Do look out for our Next Gen webinars and let’s all learn to Live #Lifeproof together!

1Referrers must be neither Great Eastern staff nor financial representatives. Referrers will only be credited the UPGREAT points only when their referral(s) quotes the referrer’s email on registration and subsequently attends the webinar. Refer to the #Lifeproof circular on Lifehub for more details.

Ready, Set, Run!
Ready, Set, Run!
Ready, Set, Run!

We held our first Great Eastern Women’s Run (GEWR) #Lifeproof Virtual Challenge from 1-8 November 2020 which saw close to 300 entry submissions from GEWR social media pages!

For this virtual run, our runners could choose to participate from anywhere they were as long as they used a GPS enabled running tracker app, from the following distances:

  • 2km Mummy + Me
  • 5km
  • 10km
  • 21.1km

We invited key opinion leaders such as Kelly Latimer, Dawn Sim, Xenia Tan and Mong Chin  to participate in the challenge, who also shared on improving mental wellness, health and nutrition, fitness and financial health on our GEWR Facebook page.

We also had several loyal GEWR participants including Marliny Binti Abdul Samad, a 46-year old enthusiast who ran every single day of the challenge. She said, "I love running and I want to support the Great Eastern Women's Run #Lifeproof Virtual Challenge. I have enjoyed taking part in the GEWR virtual run. It has been really fun doing so and I am so glad that Great Eastern continues to encourage more ladies to take up running to adopt a healthier lifestyle." 

The First- Ever Virtual 2019 Supremacy Summit to Celebrate Successes
The First- Ever Virtual 2019 Supremacy Summit to Celebrate Successes

Supremacy Summit - one of the largest and most prestigious annual awards ceremony at Great Eastern Life Malaysia (GELM), is back to recognise the successes of our top performing achievers! Despite the pandemic, this year was no different as we continued to celebrate our achievers’ successes with song and dance – but virtually, of course. A microsite was developed to host this awards ceremony and for the first time, all agents were invited as they could watch the “live” ceremony through the site.

Despite it being our first virtual ceremony, 11,500 viewers tuned in to watch the “live” broadcast on 24 October, Saturday. Popular host, Melvin Aeria, was our virtual event emcee and we had locally-renowned artists Fuying and Sam who wowed us with their hit songs and other all-time popular English and Mandarin songs.

Not forgetting the main highlight of the event - celebrating the achievements of our achievers! This year, we had over 3,600 awards spanning across 50 categories and 2,483 awardees in total. Champions emerged from various categories ranging from Top Rookie Award to Top Producers Award (All Rank), CEO Excellence Award and the Master Leader Award.

The night of celebration did not just end there. For the first time, we also delivered an appreciation gift (wine for the non-Muslims and sparkling juice for the Muslim colleagues) to all our achievers to thank them for their amazing performance! 

The First- Ever Virtual 2019 Supremacy Summit to Celebrate Successes
The First- Ever Virtual 2019 Supremacy Summit to Celebrate Successes
The First- Ever Virtual 2019 Supremacy Summit to Celebrate Successes
The First- Ever Virtual 2019 Supremacy Summit to Celebrate Successes

GELI Wraps up a Good Year with Bancassurance Annual Award 2020
GELI Wraps up a Good Year with Bancassurance Annual Award 2020

The GELI Bancassurance Annual Award 2020 ceremony was held on 20 September this year. This virtual event was attended by more than 160 GELI’s Financial Advisors, Regional Bancassurance Managers and all of the Bancassurance Team.

Let us give you a brief summary of the event highlights:  

  • The opening ceremony had Pak Clement Lien, President Director who shared the importance of keeping up with changing customer behavioural trends towards digital platforms, especially after the pandemic. With our commitment to go completely digital by 2021, GELI rolled out “Own-the-iPad”, a subsidy scheme to help financial representatives purchase iPads to use the GreatAdvice, a GELI mobile point of sales application to help them with sales activities.
  • Pak Fauzi Arfan, Director of Finance, highlighted the benefits of going digital. From the use of video calls to the use of certified digital signatures, both customers and financial advisers have enjoyed increased convenience and productivity which have helped to drive sales performance.
  • With digitalisation also comes data security risks. Pak Clement Lien and Pak Yungki, Director of Compliance, separately stressed the importance of having good data security.
  • Ibu Nina Ong, Director of Bancassurance, congratulated the award winners. She encouraged all to keep up their productivity and updated that various programmes were rolled out, such as Extra PC (Production Credit) programme which was introduced to incentivise sales for financial representatives.
GELI Wraps up a Good Year with Bancassurance Annual Award 2020
  • Guest Speaker Adriano Giovani shared successful sales-driving tips to the audience. Be innovative, think outside the box and explore different ways of doing things – top tips from a top salesman!
  • Top Performing Financial Advisor Award went to Siwi Sugiharti who clinched several top spots:
    • Top Financial Adviser
    • Top Monthly Record Breaker
    • Top Annual Record Breaker
    • Top Annual Record
    • Top FA Great Advice
GELI Wraps up a Good Year with Bancassurance Annual Award 2020
We want to thank everyone who joined the award ceremony this year and big cheers to all our winners!

Awards from across the Region

We round up the awards that we received across the region!

Awards from across the Region
Awards from across the Region
Awards from across the Region
Awards from across the Region

From Indonesia

  • Indonesia Innovation Insurance Awards - Top 4 Best Financial Performance Life Insurance with Assets Between 5 - 10T,
  • Indonesia Innovation Insurance Awards - Top 3 Best Digital Innovation Life Insurance
  • Top Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Awards - TOP GRC 2020 with #4 Stars
  • Top GRC Awards - Clement Lien Cheong Kiat as The Most Committed GRC Leader 2020
  • Indonesia Best Insurance Award 2020 - TOP 5 Financial Performance of Indonesia Best Insurance Award 2020 with Assets 5-10T in Life Insurance
  • Indonesia Best Insurance Award 2020 - TOP 3 Financial Performance of Indonesia Best Insurance Award 2020 with Assets Below 100M inSharia Life Insurance
  • Indonesia Financial Award 2020 (Millennial’s Choice) by RRI & Iconomics, in Brand Awareness
  • Media Asuransi - Best Life Insurance 2020 (equity group of IDR 500 Billion to IDR 1.25 Trillion)
  • Asosiasi Big Data Indonesia & Majalah/Portal - Best Data Governance & Data Controller 2020
  • Marketing Award 2020 - The Best in Social Marketing
  • General Insurance Association of Indonesia - AAUI Young Manager Award 2020
  • Indonesia Most Admired CEO Awards 2020 by Warta Ekonomi - Clement Lien Cheong Kiat as Indonesia Most Admired CEO 2020 for Life Insurance category
  • Indonesia Operational Excellence Award 2020 by Economic Review - 1st Rank

From Malaysia

  • Malaysian Takaful Association’s Annual Awards 2020 - Joint winner of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Malaysian Takaful Association’s Annual Awards 2020 - Young Takaful Award

Read on to hear our winners’ thoughts on winning the awards.

GETB gets CSR Award for Helping the Orang Asli Community
GETB gets CSR Award for Helping Orang Asli Community

Congratulations to Great Eastern Takaful Berhad (GETB) who recently won another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award at the Malaysian Takaful Association’s Annual Awards ceremony in October for their work with the Kg Orang Asli Sg community in Pahang! GETB received its first CSR Initiative of the Year (Malaysia) from Insurance Asia Awards 2020 in June.

Tengku Sheila, GETB Vice President of Brand and Communications shared her thoughts about receiving the award: “For this award, we were recognised for our continued community work in Kg Orang Asli Sg Gabong, in Pahang, that we started since 2018. We initially set out to help the community by installing new amenities such as water purification systems to fulfil the basic needs for safe and healthy living for the community.

Over the years, we wanted to focus on uplifting the economic status of families there while being conscious of the distinct characteristics of the Orang Asli community – who are generally not accustomed to change or doing things out of their set ways in life given their tribal nature. That was when we realised that we needed to get into real action with activities that could educate and provide economic activities for the community.

We are humbled by the honour and we are proud to say that this is in line with the concept of takaful – which is to band together to help those in need. We uphold this thinking as a business and GETB will continue to organise CSR activities that makes a significant impact to the community.

Follow GETB’s CSR journey in Kg Orang Asli Sg Gabong below:

GETB gets CSR Award for Helping Orang Asli Community

Get to know the Winner of the Young Takaful Award (YTB)

Great Eastern Takaful Berhad (GETB) bags the coveted Young Takaful Award (YTB) for the second year in a row!

Nominees must be creative in implementing company initiatives and show outstanding leadership within the company as well as the Takaful industry. After going through a rigorous selection process, Abir Abdul Rahim, Head of Digital Affinity emerged the winner of this industry coveted award.

Be inspired by her as we catch up with her to hear her story.

What were your first thoughts when you found out that you won the YTM award?

When I heard the news from our CEO, I was in disbelief because there were other amazing candidates vying for this award and I never expected myself to win. I video-called my family to share this piece of good news with them.  

What do you think are the factors that led you to win this award?

Passion, authenticity and ambition. I believe in making a difference in the things I do at work and outside of work. Prior to my new role as Head of Digital Affinity, I led a team in Pricing for Agency products and have always sought to work on providing affordable takaful solutions for the under-insured segment who are from the low income group.

Prior to GETB, I worked with Malaysian Takaful Association to publish a working paper on Microtakaful to promote financial inclusion through takaful insurance solutions to meet the financial protection needs of the low income households. This working paper was presented to Bank Negara Malaysia, and helped to move forward the financial inclusion cause.

Outside of work, I am also a co-founder of Lean In Malaysia, a women empowerment platform that started in 2015 which focuses on gender diversity and inclusion. We actively run programmes to help getting women back to the workforce and promoting women leadership in the workplace.

Get to know the Winner of the Young Takaful Award (YTB)

I believe in providing empathetic leadership to have an impact on the people I work with. My involvement in these women empowerment programmes also enable me to constantly provide mentorship, support and guidance to the younger women at the workplace. I impart soft skills such as how to communicate effectively, how to negotiate and how to stand out at the workplace.

Your advice to others who aspire to win the YTM?

Never let anyone tell you what you cannot do. If you have a dream, hold on to it.

GEGI Assistant Branch Manager wins the General Insurance Association of Indonesia Young Manager Award

Ms Silvia Lauren Sastra Irawan, Assistant Branch Manager from GEGI (North Jakarta branch) has won 5th place amongst the 21 applicants who vied for the coveted Young Manager Award! She is the second employee from GEGI who has received this award from the General Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAUI), which is given to promising young managers in the general insurance industry who have done well and show potential.

The award process was rigorous as all shortlisted applicants had to sit through a selection test and submit an essay on “Innovation in the insurance Industry”, before undergoing an interview. In the final selection round, six finalists were assessed on their industry knowledge before a jury consisting of academics and industry practitioners.

Our winner, Ms Silvia, shares her thoughts on her exciting win.

“When I was invited by the GEGI’s Board of Directors to be one of the candidates for the AAUI Young Manager Award competition, I had mixed feelings. I was very keen but I was not sure if I could make the the mark. However, I told myself that I should do my best and not to be overly concerned if I would win. To prepare myself for the various selection rounds, I read extensively about the evolving trends in insurance. When I was asked by the jury “What is your biggest contribution to Great Eastern?”, it just inspired me that I need to continue doing my best at work and also led me reflect that my work values align with Great Eastern – working with passion and upholding integrity in whatever I do.

I am very happy to have won the Young Manager Award and I dedicate this award to Great Eastern for giving me this opportunity.”

GEGI Assistant Branch Manager wins Young Manager Award

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Buy Insurance in 5 minutes with GoGREAT!
Buy Insurance in 5 minutes with GoGREAT!

How’s this for superfast! 

Great Eastern Life Indonesia (GELI) has officially launched GoGREAT!, a web-based digital platform that enables consumers to purchase insurance online in as fast as 5 minutes anytime, anywhere!

Consumers can now easily purchase Great Pro Assurance - a life insurance product with a one-time premium payment, on GoGREAT!

GoGREAT! is GELI’s innovative move to respond to the changing consumer purchasing patterns online, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic period where face-to-face purchase is more difficult.

Clement Lien, President Director of GELI commented "We realize the importance of insurance protection for the Indonesian people, especially in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic. People need easy and comfortable access to get an insurance protection. As a solution, we present GoGREAT!, an online distribution channel that offers an easy and convenient insurance experience that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. In just a few minutes, customers can get protected.”

With this GoGREAT! platform, we are certainly helping Indonesians #SiapJalaniHidup and to Live #Lifeproof today!

“Read and Win” October winners and a new Christmas Quiz!
“Read and Win” October winners and a new Christmas Quiz!

We interrupt our bi-monthly Read and Win sessions to celebrate Christmas with you this issue!

First, a big “Thank You” to all readers who took part in the last issue’s quiz and congratulations to the five following winners with the correct answers! You have won 2,000 UPGREAT points (worth S$20)! The points have been credited into your UPGREAT account.

  1. Tan Lee Sin
  2. Hariharan Padmanabhan
  3. Koh Jing Hiang
  4. Brenda Lum Mei Yu
  5. Lee Li Xin

And on to the next quiz! What better way to play a Christmas-themed quiz this festive season, with prizes to be won! 5 lucky winners with the correct answers will be picked.

Join in the fun and guess which Christmas carol these lines are from:

  1. “Little baby , pa rum pum pum pum
    I am a poor boy too, pa rum pum pum pum
    I have no gift to bring, pa rum pum pum pum.”

  2. “Five golden rings, four calling birds
    Three french hens, two turtle doves and
    A partridge in a pear tree.”

  3. “What a bright time, it's the right time
    To rock the night away
    Jingle bell time is a swell time
    To go glidin' in a one-horse sleigh.”

Send your entries to by 4 January 2021. Open to GELS staff only. Winners will be announced in our next TGT issue.