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Celebrating the Lunar New Year
» Malaysia
» Brunei

» A Healthier and Better You!
» Championing Fitness

» GREAT TotalCare

The Great Step Programme
Writer's Workshop

Crazy Fun Singapore!
» Insurance Top Leader Award 2018

 Travel 1-for-1 Promotion
» Birthday Treats Galore!
» New Merchants, More Rewards in UPGREAT


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Celebrating the Lunar New Year

Across our various markets, we leveraged the Lunar New Year celebrations to share our achievements, foster greater team bonding and build brand pride.


This year, we had more reason to celebrate – we achieved a record employee engagement level of 84% for 2018!

Even as we celebrated, we took time to remember the less fortunate and, through our Great Eastern Cares programme, raised $40,530 for needy school children supported by the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.  The funds were from Management, staff and financial representatives who generously purchased our Prosperity Draw charity tickets.

On 31 January, Great Eastern Centre was abuzz with much festive cheer as staff exchanged New Year greetings and banter with Group CEO during his much-anticipated walkabout to all departments. Each staff was given a lucky hong bao and two oranges.

The God of Fortune made a special appearance and was generous with his blessings and fortune cookies. Staff were also treated to traditional paper cutting, Chinese knots and rainbow calligraphy.

Our agency groups at the various clusters also celebrated with great gusto, with the ever popular lion dances adding to the festivities. A highlight was the mega Lo Hei Prosperity Toss at our main atrium. Enthusiastic shouts of “HUAT AH!” rang throughout the atrium as financial representatives with senior management and staff participated in the toss to wish Great Eastern and everyone a great year ahead. Several luck winners walked away with attractive hampers.


Over 1,200 staff attended the Lunar New Year Townhall which was held with great fanfare. Themed “Transcending the 21st Century”, participants were greeted with a futuristic-themed hallway, consisting of four game booths (including Nintendo switch), a photo-wall, lanterns, and an impressive entrance arch. Many came in their traditional best and took the opportunity to have their photos taken against the Instagrammable backdrops.

For the opening gambit, CEOs Koh Yaw Hui, KK Ng and Encik Shahrul “battled it out” against a cyber-hacker with the support of staff, all in the spirit of Moving Together As One.

Dato Koh shared the company results for 2018. Highlights included a Lunar New Year trivia quiz where winners received cash via the TouchnGo app e-wallet, Flip and Match memory game where staff stood to win attractive cash prizes for matching pairs of tiles based on memory, as well as a staff performance titled ‘The Tale of the Rising Orient’ which drew thunderous applause from the staff.

Another crowd pleaser was a video featuring senior management and departments which left the audience in stitches as well as the lion dance performance by world-renowned Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association.

The Townhall concluded with a lucky draw where prizes worth a total of RM 8,000 were given out to staff.

GEGM also ushered in the New Year with thrilling lion dance performances that went around the various departments. This included the traditional “cai qing”, the plucking of the greens to bring good luck and prosperity to the business, much to the delight of staff who were each given a hong bao.


We hosted an Open House to celebrate with staff, financial representatives, policyholders, business partners and associates.

Thomas Thian, Interim Head, Brunei, surprised guests by dressing up as the God of Fortune and handed out golden chocolate coins

Following the Prosperity Toss for good luck and good health, the team mingled with guests over a sumptuous buffet. Customers were given mandarin oranges to wish them prosperity and good fortune.


A Healthier and Better You!

As a LIFE company, the well-being of our employees is a priority. Through our LIFE programme, we empower, motivate and incentivise our employees to take charge of their health and wellness.

Throughout the year, a series of health-focused workshops and activities are organised at company and department levels to spur employees on their journey to better health.

In Singapore, the LIFE Programme continues this year with the “GO GREEN” campaign to empower participants to “GO for GREEN zone”! The Green Zone is the healthy zone where all staff should target to be.

This campaign equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve or manage their health markers through special curated workshops, exercise classes, challenges and targeted programmes. Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle and join us at these exciting events! #LiveGreat

Championing Fitness

Many of you would have read recently that we are not continuing our sponsorship of the Singapore Premier League. We are proud to have supported the League and the development of local football over the past ten years and the sponsorship has brought our brand closer to the community.

We contine to champion health and wellness and remain committed to building up our signature events under our Live Great Programme, such as our award-winning Great Eastern Women’s Run.

Recognising that society is now increasingly digitally-savvy, we are prioritising our efforts on more digitally-driven health and wellness initiatives such as through GETGREAT, our first-of-its-kind wellness platform with a wellness coach; GERI, powered by artificial intelligence, which offers personalised coaching 24/7 to nudge users towards their personal wellness goals; and UPGREAT, where customers can seamlessly enjoy all their loyalty benefits and rewards digitally.

As one of the founding partners of the Singapore Sports Hub, we collaborate closely with them on community activities and will continue to promote the benefits of an active lifestyle with ActiveSG and SportsSG.


GREAT TotalCare

Medical healthcare costs have been escalating significantly in Singapore. According to the Health Insurance Taskforce report published in late 2016, it was observed that policyholders who paid a portion of their medical bills are more efficient in managing their own healthcare bills.

Co-payment is necessary to manage healthcare cost for customers. A priority for us is to keep the co-payment rate reasonable.

In alignment with the Ministry of Health’s co-payment guidelines for all Integrated Shield Plan (IP) riders, we will be launching our new IP rider GREAT TotalCare on 1 March 2019.

An affordable plan with a choice of two plan types, GREAT TotalCare complements GREAT SupremeHealth by covering up to 95% of the total hospitalisation bill. Customers also get to enjoy special benefits like Home Health Care and Post-Hospitalisation Follow-up TCM treatment, and an option for enhanced worldwide coverage with GREAT TotalCare Plus rider.

As a responsible insurer, we remain committed to help customers with cost-containment and claims management measures to manage escalating healthcare costs.


Writer’s Workshop

At Great Eastern, we put our customers at the centre of what we do. In line with this, Customer Experience & Innovation recently organised a three-hour pilot writer’s workshop on customer-centric communications. The workshop was attended by 30 staff who are regularly involved in various types of customer communications in their daily work.  

Through the workshop, participants learnt how to simplify and sharpen communications to our customers through presentations and best practices. The workshop was well received, with many having a better appreciation of the need to be customer-centric in their writing as well as having a better understanding of the basic principles of business writing.

Moving forward, there are plans to organise more of such workshops as well as to develop writing guidelines and letter templates for improved and consistent customer communications.

The Great Step Programme

The Great Step Programme is our corporate internship programme where students are provided insights into Great Eastern’s business and operations.

In 2018, we hosted 29 students from the Institute of Technical Education for a 20-week internship programme.


Crazy Fun Singapore!

Fourteen Regional Business Managers from GELI were rewarded for their sales achievements with a three-day trip to Singapore.

Highlights for their Crazy Fun Singapore trip included an insightful sharing session with Jerry Ng, SVP & Lead, Regional Bancassurance, as well as visits to Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, and a delicious durian feast.

Insurance Top Leader Award 2018

Congratulations to Clement Lien, President-Director of Great Eastern Life Indonesia, for receiving an award for the Top Leader in Insurance, with Excellent Customer Relationship Strategy, from Warta Ekonomi.


At Great Eastern, we are constantly offering delightful rewards and exciting promotions!

Travel 1-for-1 Promotion

Recognising that 79% of millennials prioritise travel above any other expense and with four long weekends in 2019, we launched our 1-for-1 Travel E@sy promotion* to help Singaporeans make the best use of these holidays to travel.

Customers who purchase a single trip Travel E@sy insurance before 31 March 2019 will enjoy 30% off plus a complimentary Travel E@sy insurance!

For more information, visit https://www.greateasternlife.com/sg/en/personal-insurance/find-the-right-plan/great-eastern-promotions-and-events/travel-1-for-1.html.

Happy Travels! #yolo

*Promotion valid till 31 March 2019

Birthday Treats Galore!

From March 2019, our policyholders in Singapore will be pampered with special birthday treats!

We have put together the best selection of birthday perks by partnering UPGREAT merchants to offer celebratory perks at various F&B establishments, spa retailers and more!

Customers who provided us with marketing consent can look forward to these exciting treats which they can redeem via UPGREAT:

Birthday extras! Policyholders who sign up for a Life and/or Accident & Health plan during their birthday period will receive up to 10,000 UPGREAT points!

More information available at: www.greateasternlife.com/birthday

New Merchants, More Rewards in UPGREAT

We have added more exciting rewards in UPGREAT for you!

Now your UPGREAT Points allow you an even wider choice of rewards such as movies at Cathay or shopping at Honestbee.

Simply go to “Points Catalogue” to browse and choose your rewards items. Enjoy!

Surprise Treat from UPGREAT

UPGREAT users can look forward to a surprise treat on 13 March! Mark your calendars and remember to check UPGREAT on 13 March to enjoy this special treat.

All redemption and offers are available on UPGREAT. Download the UPGREAT app to enjoy. Terms and conditions apply.