JUNE 2019

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Plan Like A Woman Campaign
» Great Family Care – Interviewing our Staff

» Great Eastern Wins at the SBR Technology Excellence Awards!
» Malaysian Takaful Association Starnite 2019

 ‘Feel & Feed’ Project for Underprivileged Children and Families
» Iftar Event with Tebet Orphanage Children

» 2019 GE Masters Summit
 Great Connections

» LIFE Programme

Digital Affinity Partnerships

» UPGREAT Shop&Earn
» No Expiry for UPGREAT Points


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Plan Like A Woman Campaign

Based on a research study conducted in 2018, we discovered that while women have some ideas about what they need for retirement, they are not entirely sure what is sufficient. In fact, they believe spousal/children support will play a role in their retirement, which may not be enough.

The research findings were consistent with a Business Review Singapore survey, which found that Singaporean women are least likely to be responsible for making decisions on saving for retirement and that they defer it to their male partners, accounting for 38% of the men assuming sole responsibility in this area compared to 21% of women.

With these findings, we were inspired to create a consumer campaign centred around women, encouraging them to pro-actively plan for their financial health. The campaign focuses on women across ages, single, married with or without kids.

Launched on 6 June 2019, the Plan Like A Woman campaign features a series of attention-grabbing headliners that put a spin on clichéd statements and stereotypes about women, to reveal interesting insights about various aspects of women’s lives that Great Eastern can help them plan for financially.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Women Will Always Have The Last Word’? Or that ‘One Woman Is Enough’?

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Great Family Care – Interviewing our Staff

Interview with Alvin Nambiar
(Centre for Excellence)

Question 1: Why have you purchased Great Family Care (GFC) + Parent Protect rider?

My main reason was to provide critical illness coverage for my parents. Not having to put them nor myself through a medical underwriting made my decision much easier.

They are both above 65 years old (making them uninsurable) and do not have sufficient coverage.

In the unfortunate event that I have to make a claim, the payout can be used to offset the cost of employing a caregiver.

It also provides coverage for me as I’ve just taken up a housing loan and for the future kids that my wife and I are planning to have.

Question 2: How quick did the process take?

It was a seamless process. Took me about 10 minutes.

Question 3: Would you recommend GFC to your colleagues?

Definitely! This is especially so if they have the need to provide coverage for their children and if they have parents who require additional protection.

The sweetener was that I did not even have to provide any details of my parents nor do they have to go through a medical underwriting.

Interview with Audrey Tang
(Segments Strategy & Management)

Question 1: Why have you purchased Great Family Care (GFC) + Parent Protect rider?

Getting GFC made sense because it provides critical illness coverage not only for me, but also for my kids and my mom.

My mom is not of an insurable age and hence it was a no brainer when I found out that GFC could provide coverage for her.

Additionally, not having to go through medical underwriting during this campaign period was the sweetener.

Question 2: How quick did the process take?

It was really quick, the entire application and payment took me just 10 minutes.

Question 3: Would you recommend GFC to your colleagues?

Absolutely! For the sandwich generation, most of us have kids and parents to take care of. Being able to cover all 3 generations with 1 product and without the hassle of going through medical underwriting was perfect!

Interview with Stanley Tan
(Regional Agency/FA & Bancassurance)

Question 1: Why have you purchased Great Family Care (GFC) + Parent Protect rider?

Buying insurance policies is not something I do actively. However, when you have kids, you start thinking differently. I bought GFC because I wanted to provide critical illness protection for my family.

On top of the coverage for myself, the plan provides additional critical illness coverage for my 2 kids and my 69-year-old mom.

This is rare because it’s difficult to find critical illness coverage for anyone over the age of 65. Moreover, she did not even have to go through a medical underwriting.

Coupled with our staff discount and the convenience of doing an online application, it was an easy choice.

Question 2: How quick did the process take?

The process was really quick once I had all the necessary documents available on hand.

Do remember to have your NRIC, staff pass and past insurance policies, if any, on hand before applying.

Question 3: Would you recommend GFC to your colleagues?

Yes I would! If they have the protection need for themselves, their parents and their kids, it’s an awesome choice.


Great Eastern Wins at the SBR Technology Excellence Awards !

The Digital for Business team in Singapore won two awards at the recent Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards 2019 - A Digital Award for Great Digital Advantage and a Mobile Award for Life Insurance for its GETGREAT and UPGREAT apps!

The teams will continue to look into new innovations, healthier choices and more rewards for the customers and community.

Malaysian Takaful Association Starnite 2019

Congratulations to Great Eastern Takaful Berhad for their recent wins at the Malaysian Takaful Association Starnite Awards 2019! Head of Product Development Nurul Sheila Khalib and Top Agent Norriza Muhamad Yusof won the award for Young Takaful Manager and Top Agent respectively. GETB was also recognised as the recipient of the Special Award: Race for Cover for i-Great Damai 2.0 and the Direct Distribution Channel Award under the Institution category.


 ‘Feel & Feed’ Project for Underprivileged Children and Families

Great Eastern Takaful Berhad organised a Ramadan CSR project called ‘Feel & Feed’ to fund a buka puasa (breaking of fast) buffet for underprivileged children and their families at a school near the Great Eastern corporate headquarters.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of the larger Great Eastern network, the profits generated from the sale of ‘economy rice’ was more than sufficient to fund an elaborate buffet spread for a group of 200 made up of students, their siblings and parents as well as their teachers.

The real measure of the success of this project was evidenced when one young boy, when asked if he enjoyed his meal, responded animatedly, “Ini makan besar ni” (This is a truly grand meal).

The children were also given a Raya money packet each and mini chocolate jars to take home - the delight on their faces was priceless!

GETB staff also provided information on mySalam, the national health protection scheme for the underprivileged, to parents and teachers present.

Efforts to bring joy and cheer to communities that are in need would not succeed without the support of our people. For that, we want to thank the Great Eastern family for their heartwarming and generous contributions!

Iftar Event with Tebet Orphanage Children

Great Eastern Life Indonesia held an iftar (breaking of fast) event with 20 children from the Tebet Orphanage on 24 May at the GELI office. The children played games and enjoyed a delicious meal together, and also received gifts including healthy snacks, school equipment and a special souvenir. The event was attended by Nina Ong, Director of Bancassurance and Yungki Aldrin, Director of Human Capital & Compliance.

Donations in the form of basic necessities, school equipment, food and cash were given to the orphanage. In line with National Online Donation Day, GELI also collaborated with the online kitabisa.com platform to reach more donors so that more people could contribute to the orphanage. It is hoped that through this, the children will receive assistance for their daily needs and be able to continue their education.


2019 GE Masters Summit

The 2019 GE Masters Summit which was held in Forest City Phoenix International Golf Hotel at Johor Bahru was a memorable convention for our top agency leaders. The three-day event served as an important forum for leaders to express their views and learn from one another in building and managing their respective agencies.

With the theme ‘Wild, Wild, West”, the top leaders were all buckled up in cowboy costumes and thoroughly enjoyed the many merrymaking activities throughout the summit, including the opportunity to taste mouth-watering dishes as they galloped to the famous foodie streets of Johor Bahru and paid a visit to Great Eastern’s Johor Bahru branch.

Words of wisdom were shared aplenty during the summit. Chief Executive Officer Dato Koh Yaw Hui spoke about the underlying foundations needed to build a mighty agency to ensure that agency production and personal performance can both flourish. Invited platform speaker Michael Teoh Su Lim, Founder of Thriving Talents and Global Advisor for Microsoft YouthSpark, revealed what it takes to recruit the top talents of the millennial generation seamlessly into the workforce to enhance the productivity and profitability of agencies.

Capping off the summit was the presentation of the 2018 L.E.A.D. AAA (Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Agency Building Distinction Admired Agency Award) Challenge, a challenge dedicated to raising the bar for agency status and agency building. A round of applause goes to all awardees for their dedicated efforts into sowing seeds of legacy in the insurance industry!

Great Connections

Great Connections: Live the Great Life, an extension of our Great Connections series is a new spin-off organised in Singapore as a platform for our Interns and Corporate Management Associates to engage with and learn from our senior management team. Our first session was helmed by Mr James Lee, Managing Director of Group Human Capital, and participants interacted with James over tea and sharing on various corporate and personal topics during the session.


LIFE Programme

As a LIFE company, the well-being of our employees is a priority. Through our LIFE programme, we empower, motivate and incentivise our employees to take charge of their health and wellness. Throughout the year, a series of health-focused workshops and activities are organised at company and department levels to spur employees on their journey to better health.

In May 2019, fitness exercises were taken to a new level with a brand new Circuit Challenge. Participants in Singapore had to complete three circuit stations along a 3.8km route, all within an hour.


Digital Affinity Partnerships

New Partnership with Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere is a healthtech company and part of the Ministry of Health Singapore’s regulatory sandbox for telemedicine providers. They seek to improve healthcare delivery through their digital platform which gives users quick access to health and wellness solutions, anytime of the day.

From providing video consultation with doctors to a marketplace stocked with personal care products, Doctor Anywhere believes that healthcare should be simple, seamless and convenient.

Starting from July 2019, Doctor Anywhere will begin driving awareness of our insurance products and services by weaving them into carefully curated content for their users across various platforms monthly. For a start, the Doctor Anywhere team is working to draw awareness to our GREAT MozzieSafe plan, in view of the growing concerns in the spike of dengue infection cases.

CapitaStar Rewards

CapitaStar is the rewards programme of Singapore’s biggest mall developer Capitaland. Following a successful pilot campaign where products such as Travel E@sy and Home S@fe were featured on the CapitaStar mobile app, we recently entered into a 12-month agreement with CapitaStar to continue engaging their shoppers with more campaigns and products.

For a start, three products, Travel E@sy, Home S@fe and Drive and Save Plus will be featured all year round on the CapitaStar app. Members who purchase these products may earn up to 88,888 STAR$, the CapitaStar rewards currency, equivalent to approximately S$88. Subsequent initiatives lined up include tactical campaigns to drive further interest to Great Eastern’s suite of products and services.

Leveraging on Existing Partnerships

The Straits Times recently reported a sharp and rapid rise in dengue infection cases in Singapore. Community activities by the various government agencies have also helped generate more awareness on the danger of mosquito borne diseases.

The period of heightened cautiousness created a good window of opportunity for us to drive awareness to our GREAT MozzieSafe product through our various Digital Affinity partners. For example, the team worked with partners such as Sembcorp Power, Talenox and Doctor Anywhere to communicate this to their customer bases. A similar message was also shared on our Facebook page. 



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