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Our disabilities don’t define us, our dreams do.

Disability happens. And when it does, it changes our lives. But we do not have to let it define us. Just ask Asyraf, a Great Eastern financial representative who broke his spine after an accident in 2018. Follow his story of love and overcoming, and find out how you, too, can live #lifeproof in the face of disability with our CareShield Life supplementary plan, GREAT CareShield.



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Get up to lifetime disability support with GREAT CareShield

Supplement your CareShield Life coverage with GREAT CareShield. Should disability come into the picture, you’ll receive enhanced payouts to help cover your loss of income and the long term rehabilitation and assistance costs so you’ll be able to keep living your life, even as you learn and adapt to a whole new way of living.

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A supercharged music video directed and produced by The #Lifeproof Crew: 4 artists who refuse to let their disabilities take centre stage. Look out for the art they’ve created to represent their journeys, feel their passion for their craft; witness the power of their dreams and the depth of their resolve.

The Making of UNDEFEATABLE: Meet The #Lifeproof Crew

4 artists with disabilities. 1 extraordinary production. Go behind the scenes to find out how The # Lifeproof Crew came together to create a music video like no other, and discover what it means to live #lifeproof .

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5 reasons why you're never too young to get disability coverage

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This campaign ran from 19 October to 20 Dec 2020.

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