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Live #Lifeproof


Life's questions do not define us. Our answers do. 

Life is a journey of questions. Questions of your dreams, your health, your convictions and ultimately, your resilience. Will you keep soldiering on, no matter how high the mountain? Our purpose is to help you leave your mark, no matter how large the question marks. To give you courage in the face of adversity, and confidence in the face of doubt. 


Because, we can't always choose our lot in life, but we can choose how we respond. 


#Lifeproof Your Health

#Lifeproof Your Health

GREAT Total Care

Cover up to 95% of your hospital bills and be equipped to come back from every health setback.

#Lifeproof Your Family

#Lifeproof Your Family

GREAT Life Advantage

Get the flexible coverage you need to meet your loved one's evolving needs


#Lifeproof Your Career

#Lifeproof Your Career

Be an Agent of Life.

Join us as a financial representative and open a whole new chapter of growth and possibilities 


This campaign ran from 7 July 2020 to Dec 2020

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