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Be covered over and over against critical illness

The journey of life is full of moments to treasure. You don’t want to miss a thing. Get GREAT Life Advantage with the Complete MultiPay CI Plus Advantage Rider and be covered over and over against critical illness.  Be empowered to keep moving forward – from surprise to surprise, celebration to celebration, milestone to milestone.


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Keep fighting back with multipay coverage

CI payout

100% payout for all stages of critical illness, over and over

Cancer, heart attack, stroke - your coverage continues even after you've claimed for such critical illness, for up to 3 times.

CI Coverage

120 critical illness conditions covered

More than just the top critical illness killers in Singapore, you'll be covered for 120 critical illness conditions across different stages, for life.

Adjustable coverage

Adjustable protection

As your needs change when you reach any of life's 8 milestone events, so can your coverage.  No medical assessment required.  

Get multipay coverage with GREAT Life Advantage
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Understanding the impact of Critical Illness

impact of CI holding hands

Are we even prepared when critical illness strikes?

Image of critical illness insurance

5 common misconceptions about Critical Illness and its protection

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Get multipay critical illness coverage                                                                           

This campaign ran from 17 March 2021 to 25 May 2021.

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