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Yik Chun Leong

Corporate Management Associate 2016

National University of Singapore (graduated 2016)

Bachelor of Business Administration 


“As a fresh graduate entering the workforce, developing Expertise, gaining Exposure and being Empowered are crucial to an individual’s professional growth. My first rotation to Group Risk Management allowed me to develop necessary Expertise in Financial Risk Management and my second rotation to Group Product Management enabled me to gain necessary Exposure to the entire insurance business. I was also Empowered by the opportunities given outside the rotations and this enabled me to interact with GE’s senior management on numerous occasions. All-in-all, the Corporate MA Programme is a holistic graduate programme that provides numerous opportunities to learn and grow within the organization and industry. Through my experiences, I have gained a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and I’m glad to say, I’m now a better-rounded individual!”    




Tan Kah Kee

Corporate Management Associate 2016

Nanyang Technological University (graduated 2016)

Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering


"This programme offers a wonderful platform for aspiring individuals to peek inside the workings of a successful insurance firm. For my first rotation, I was posted to Group Internal Audit, a governance function which allowed me to hav a firmer grasp and insight to a variety of business units across the region. I was also fortunate to be given such opportunity as a fresh graduate as Internal Audit department is usually reserved for experienced professionals. For my second rotation, I arrived in Group Insurance, a revenue-generating business unit with a much different modus operandi. It was an eye-opening experience as I witnessed the competitive landscape that we operated in and the effort required to thrive in this market. In short, I will heartily recommend this programme to any inquisitive individuals who are open to challenges and acquiring new knowledge. As the saying goes, “Fortune favours the bold!”




Lionel Wee

Corporate Management Associate 2016

Singapore Management University (graduated 2016)

Bachelor of Accountancy 


“Under Great Eastern’s Corporate Management Associate Programme, you are given a head start in charting your own career path. Ample and varied opportunities to participate in meaningful projects where your voice matters are given to you right from your first moments in Great Eastern. Across the 9 months in my first rotation in Product Development, I got the chance to partake in the development and launch of 6 different products. Furthermore, my current rotation in Group Operation gives me the opportunity to place an imprint on Management-Level and Group-Wide Operations Initiatives.  All these stem from the carefully structured rotations, which ensure that each MA is placed in a position to learn and yet also contribute effectively during the 9 month rotation. If you want the opportunity to make a difference right off the bat, then the Great Eastern Corporate MA Programme is definitely something you should consider!”




Rebecca Lim

Corporate Management Associate 2016

National University of Singapore (graduated 2016)

Bachelor of Social Sciences


“The Corporate MA programme is a highly personalized experience, with a great support system in place to smooth the transition from academia to work. In my current stint in Group Risk Management, I have been involved in the annual review of departmental risk assessments and User Acceptance Testing (“UAT”). The latter, in particular, ties in with my previous experience in re-designing Group Marketing’s budget trackers. The periodic rotations has also enabled me to better appreciate various departments’ concerns and perspectives, which is helpful in understanding managerial decisions and policies.”




Vicki Seoh

Corporate Management Associate 2016

Nanyang Technological University (graduated 2016)

Bachelor of Business


“What drew me to Great Eastern’s Corporate Management Associate Programme is their dedication to keeping the yearly batch of MAs small so as to focus more attention, effort and resources on each and every one of us. MAs are also better positioned to receive career development and leadership management advice from regular mentorship sessions we have with mentors of management level. I have also gained aplenty of varied experienced from my time with Group Finance and Group Strategy and Transformation, an opportunity possible due to the rotation element of the programme. If you are looking to build a career with an organization that provides you with not just challenging opportunities, but also the necessary resources and support system to help you grow and flourish to your potential, this is what you have been looking for.”



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