Update address and contact details

Great Eastern app

Step 1. Select “Personal particulars” from the “Services” tab.

Step 2. Select “Update address”, “Update contact details”, or “Update email address”.

Step 3. You’ll be directed to your Singpass profile to sign in and authorise the use of your personal particulars.

Step 4. Confirm your updated details on the Great Eastern Singapore app before submitting.

It is not required. However, you are encouraged to give consent to receive the latest updates on our product, services, promotions, financial planning advice, and insurance news.


1.      Click on [Log in]. ​

2.      Select [View Profile] from the dropdown list. ​

3.      Under [My Profile] > [Personal Details], click on [Retrieve MyInfo with Singpass]. ​

4.      Click on [I Agree] when prompted by Singpass.​

5.      Select the details you want to update and click on [Preview]. ​

6.      Check your details, accept the terms and conditions and click on [Submit]. ​

7.      You will see an acknowledgement screen if your submission is successful.