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What is Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS)?

DPS is a term-life insurance – created to protect you and your loved ones, should the unforeseen happen to you.  


DPS coverage is automatically extended to all working Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, upon a valid CPF working contribution between the age of 21 and 65. It provides coverage against Death, Terminal Illness [1] and Total Permanent Disability [2].


What DPS covers you for:


Terminal Illness

Total Permanent Disability

Benefits of DPS with Great Eastern

DPS - Affordable yearly premiums icon
Affordable yearly

From as low as S$18 annually.

DPS - Automatic renewal icon

A notification will be sent to you 1 month before your renewal date.

DPS - Protection up to age 65 icon
Protection up
to age 65

Includes coverage for members above age 60 and up to age 65, with sum assured up to S$55,000.

DPS - GoGreat icon

A holistic protection programme for your circle of life.

Your premiums can be paid using your CPF Ordinary and/or Special Account. As long as you have sufficient funds, no out-of-pocket cash is required. The premium will be deducted yearly based on your attained age for the maximum sum assured of S$70,000 up to the end of the policy year during which you turn 60 years old. After which, your maximum sum assured is S$55,000 up to the end of the policy year during which you turn 65 years old. 


One month before your renewal date, a notification letter will be sent to you. If there are insufficient funds in both accounts for a minimum cover of S$5,000, we will also notify you and no premium will be deducted from your CPF account. You may then choose to make payment through other methods available. 

Yearly premiums – by age

Age (Last Birthday) Yearly Premium Sum Assured
34 years and below S$18 S$70,000
35 – 39 years S$30
40 – 44 years S$50
45 – 49 years S$93
50 – 54 years S$188
55 – 59 years S$298
60 – 64 years S$298 S$55,000


- You must be a CPF member 

- You must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 

- You must be between 16 and 65 years old.  If you are 21 years old & above when you made your first CPF contribution, you will be automatically covered.  Otherwise, you can apply directly with us. If you would like to apply for DPS, please click here.



You may download the following documents for more information on Dependants’ Protection Scheme. 

Information Leaflet and Terms and Conditions


Verify and update your particulars,

to receive timely updates on your DPS policy.

1. Download the Great Eastern app
at the App Store or Google Play

2. Verify and update your


3. View your policy

Make a nomination

DPS was created to protect your loved ones in the event anything unforeseen happens to you. As such, your dependants would include your parents, spouse, as well as children.

For existing DPS customers with prior nominations

If you’ve made a prior nomination under NTUC Income for DPS, you would be required to make a new nomination. For existing DPS customers under Great Eastern Life, your prior nominations will remain effective.

For DPS customers who have not made a nomination

When you make a nomination, you will determine the beneficiary(s) to your DPS policy in the event of a death claim.

Mail the completed hardcopy form to the following address: 

The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited 
1 Pickering Street
#01-01 Great Eastern Centre 
Singapore 048659 


DPS - nomination image

Declaration of
Health Condition

Existing Policyholders

From 1 April 2021, Great Eastern Life will be the sole DPS insurer. Members currently insured under DPS do not need to submit a new Health Declaration form for illnesses that developed on or after the commencement of their DPS covers. This applies to insured members who are already under Great Eastern Life or have their policies transferred from NTUC Income. 

However, should members have a pre-existing illness that existed before the original commencement date of their DPS policy which was not declared to their insurer previously, they should inform Great Eastern Life by submitting a new health declaration.

New Joiner / Applicant

If you are a new joiner or applicant, eligibility for a DPS cover is subject to you being in good health at the point of policy commencement. You must declare and fully disclose all information regarding your health, including, but not limited to:

  • All your past and current illnesses;
  • Any surgery/treatment medical test that you had previously undergone or will be undergoing; and
  • Any physical or mental impairment.

Otherwise, it may affect your future claims and your insurance policy may not be valid.

DPS - Declaration of Health Condition image
DPS - How you can apply image

How you can apply

CPF members aged 16 and above who were not extended a DPS cover automatically but wish to be insured can apply for DPS directly with Great Eastern Life. 


To apply, you can: 

  1. Download the Proposal form and return the completed form to us, or
  2. Get in touch with your Financial Representatives
  3. Drop by our Customer Service Centre and we can assist you in your application:

    1 Pickering Street, #01-01 Great Eastern Centre, Singapore 048659.


Download the following documents for more information on Dependants’ Protection Scheme

Making claims

DPS - in the event of Death icon
In the event of Death
DPS - for Terminal Illness icon
For Terminal Illness
DPS - for Total Permanent Disability icon
For Total Permanent Disability 

Claims may only be submitted by post.

Top FAQs

What are the changes to DPS from 1 April 2021?

Great Eastern Life is appointed the sole insurer for DPS. There is an increase of sum assured from S$46,000 to S$70,000...

How much do I need to pay to be covered under the new Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) from 1 April 2021, as opposed to the existing premium structure?

The amount of premium you need to pay for a DPS cover depends on your age at your last birthday...

I have been insured under DPS for many years. Do I still need to make a health declaration now that Great Eastern Life is the sole administrator of DPS from 1 April 2021?

As with any life insurance, DPS cover may be declined or deferred if a member has serious pre-existing illnesses...

Dedicated DPS channels

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Send us an enquiry via our DPS contact us form

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Send us a Whatsapp message to start a chat with us

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Call our DPS hotline at 6839 4565