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Frequently Asked Questions (GETGREAT)


1. What is GETGREAT?

GETGREAT is the mobile platform that provides you with wellness goals and programmes, health tips, quests you can enjoy on your own and with your friends who you can invite to join. You can start your journey with GERI, your wellness assistant. You can earn XP and STARS through activities and transfer your STARS to points in the UPGREAT app for rewards redemption from a variety of merchant partners.


2. Who can sign up for GETGREAT? Do I have to pay?

Anyone and everyone! This app is free for all to enjoy. 


3. I am new to GETGREAT, what are the steps to join?

  1. Download GETGREAT from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Tap on “Sign up” and register an account with GREAT ID using your email and password
  3. Fill up the health assessment with GERI
  4. Sync your wearable/device to GETGREAT to start your steps tracking
  5. Complete quests, earn XPs and STARS, which can be transferred to points on the UPGREAT app for rewards redemption


4. I registered a GETGREAT account before 2 May 2019, why can’t I log in anymore?

On 2 May 2019, the second version of GETGREAT SINGAPORE was launched and the first version was decommissioned. Please visit the App Store or Google Play Store and download the second version by searching for “GETGREAT”. You can delete the first version, as it is no longer in use.


5. If I had the first version of GETGREAT and I have downloaded the second one, do I have to register my GETGREAT account again? 

You will need to download the second version of GETGREAT and then register your account according to the rules below:

  • You have a registered UPGREAT account - please use the same email and password as UPGREAT to login on the second version of GETGREAT. 
  • You do not have an existing UPGREAT account - you will need to register your GETGREAT account anew.


6. Can I have more than one GETGREAT account?

No, you are not allowed to have more than one GETGREAT account. 

Great Eastern reserves the rights to disable, delete, or suspend your account if you invent a false persona or misrepresent your real identity. Once your account is disabled, deleted, or suspended, you will not be allowed to create another account without our permission. We reserve the right to report cases to the relevant authorities when appropriate.


7. Can I share devices/wearables with other accounts?

No, you cannot share devices/wearables. 


8. Why are my steps not accurately captured from my wearable/device to my GETGREAT app? 

Users who use a wearable/device should: 

1) Sync your steps with its corresponding app and ensure the app steps count matches your wearable/device;

2) Sync with GETGREAT, which pulls the data from the app that has been synced with your wearable/device. 

 If you open the GETGREAT app before the wearable/device app, GETGREAT app will only capture the last-recorded steps from the wearable/device app.


9. How can I stay updated with the latest news from GETGREAT? 

Latest news on GETGREAT will be sent via email, in-app notifications and posted on the GETGREAT webpage. 


10. Will my details in GETGREAT be updated across my other Great Eastern account(s)? 

Any changes in your GETGREAT account will only be reflected in the app and not in your other Great Eastern policies/certificates.

 To update your personal details for your policies/certificates, you can contact your Financial Representative or Customer Service.

  • By Email: wecare-sg@greateasternlife.com
  • By Phone:
    1800 248 2888 (for local calls)
    +65 6248 2888 (for overseas calls)
    9am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday


11. How do I change my account details?

Tap on the “Me” tab, under account settings, click on your GREAT ID to make edits.   


12. How do I change my avatar?

On the “Home” screen, tap on your avatar. You will be given options to change your avatar and background. 


13. Can I change my recommended programme?

Once you have selected a programme, you cannot change your programme until the 7 days have passed.


14. How do I see the steps I have completed on previous days?

Tap on the mountain image under the Daily Great Walkathon, tap on the “View History” button to see steps achieved on previous days.


15. How do I update my steps tracker?

You can update your steps by simply swiping the screen downwards to refresh it. Please synchronise your steps daily to earn STARS. Do ensure that you have given the necessary permission for 3rd party app collection of your step data. 

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Biometrics Login

1. What is Biometric Login on GETGREAT app? 

Biometric Login is a fingerprint or face recognition feature available to securely access your GETGREAT account without having to key in your Great ID and password. This feature is readily available for iPhone and selected Android devices that support the biometric function.


2. Do I need to register for this function on GETGREAT app? If yes, how do I register? 

You will need to enable the Biometric Login function on your GETGREAT app in order to use this as your login method.   

Step- by-Step guide:

  1. Launch your GETGREAT App
  2. Log in to your GETGREAT account by keying in your Great ID and Password
  3. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to set-up the Biometric Login function
  4. Click “Yes” and place your finger on the “Home/Screen” to scan your fingerprint or click “Yes” and place your phone in front of your face for facial recognition.


3. How do I know if I have successfully activated my Biometric Login on my GETGREAT account? 

Once you have activated the Biometric Login function on your device, you should be able to see the message “Authentication successful, Biometric Login is now enabled”. Alternatively, you may check under the “Me” tab to ensure that the Biometric Login toggle is “ON”.


4. When I launched the updated version of the GETGREAT app, I received a pop-up message “You have been logged out from this session. Please Login again” or “An error has occurred”. What should I do? This is before any Biometric Login has been done. 

Please tap “OK” and proceed to log in. Once you have logged in to your GETGREAT account, you will be prompted to set-up the Biometric Login function for your subsequent logins.


5. Why am I unable to enrol the Biometric Login function? 

Biometric Login on GETGREAT Singapore will only be applicable for devices that support the biometric function. Please ensure that you have updated your GETGREAT app to the latest version.


6. Can I disable the Biometric Login function? 

You can disable the Biometric Login function whenever you like. Simply log in to your GETGREAT account and deactivate the function under the “Me” tab.


7. Do I have to set-up the Biometric Login function when I change a new phone? 

You will need to set-up the Biometric Login on your GETGREAT app if you have changed to a new device.


8. My fingerprint Login keeps failing; can I still log in to my GETGREAT account? 

You will still be able to log in to your GETGREAT account. Please key in your device passcode on iPhone and pattern for Android devices to log in to your GETGREAT account.  


9. Why can’t I enrol Biometric Login despite having a device that supports it? 

Please ensure that you have turned on and configured the biometric function in your device settings.


10. Is there another way I can enable Biometric Login?

You can go to the “Me” tab and turn on Biometric Login from there.


11. Why can’t I log in with my biometric after completing the biometric enrolment? 

When you log in with another account using the same device, your biometric enrolment record on our GETGREAT application will be wiped. Please ensure that you do not share your device with other users.

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1. What is FitAge?

FitAge is a program that rewards the user based on their lifestyle choices. The healthier their lifestyle choices are, the more rewards they can earn.


2. Who is eligible to have a FitAge?

Anyone! All you need is a GETGREAT account. 


3. Is there a fee to join FitAge?

FitAge is absolutely free!


4. What are the benefits of FitAge?

FitAge motivates users to earn more rewards by adopting healthier lifestyle choices. 


5. How is FitAge calculated?

Your FitAge is calculated based on your lifestyle choices that are mainly derived from these 3 areas: Physical Activity (number of steps you take), Rest (number of hours you sleep) and Cardiovascular Fitness (heart rate when you are at rest). 

As a guide, you should aim for at least 8,000 steps per day, sleep for 7-9 hours per day, and try to maintain a resting heart rate of 64 bpm and below, in order to see positive effects on your health.


6. How do I participate in FitAge?

It is open for all users of GETGREAT. You simply need to give the necessary data permissions for GETGREAT to have access the health data.


7. How can I improve my FitAge?

You can improve your FitAge by adopting healthier lifestyle choices.


8. Can I still use FitAge if I do not own a wearable?

You can still track your sleep and resting heart rate with certain in-built trackers such as Samsung Health. In the event that the user does not have an in-built tracker that is capable of tracking your sleep and resting heart rate, FitAge will use your steps only which will reflect a slightly inaccurate result that will limit the amount of STARS you can earn.


9. Why are my hours of sleep and/or resting heart rate results reflected incorrectly?

Please ensure that you have synced the 3rd party application you are using to track your sleep and resting heart rate before trying to sync in GETGREAT. Please remember to sync your GETGREAT app at the end of the day.


10. What happens if I take a nap or wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep?

 We will take in the total sleeping hours from the tracking device.


11. Why is the device that I am using not shown?

We are constantly adding more support for 3rd party devices, kindly drop us an email with your suggested device and we will look into ways of incorporating it into our system.


12. What happens if I did not sync for a day or more?

When the user syncs after a period of inactivity, our system can sync up to 7 days including the current day, of the user’s records and credit the missing stars accordingly. However, we recommend users to sync data to the tracking device before syncing to the GETGREAT app at the end of every day. Always remember to sync your wearable to its corresponding app before syncing to GETGREAT. If you open the GETGREAT app before the wearable/device app, the GETGREAT app will only capture the last-recorded steps from the wearable/device app.

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Technical Related

1. I can’t log in, what should I do?

Please ensure:

You have already signed up for an UPGREAT account

You have entered a valid and correct email address (UPGREAT and GETGREAT must have the same email address)

You have entered a correct password

If the issue persist, please contact us:

By Email: wecare-sg@greateasternlife.com

By Phone:

1800 248 2888 (for local calls)

+65 6248 2888 (for overseas calls)

9am – 5.30pm, Mon – Fri.


2. During the verification as a Great Eastern policyholder, I did not receive the OTP (One-Time Password).

Please check:

The mobile number shown in the verification process is correct

You have good mobile network coverage

If the mobile number indicated in the verification process differs from your current mobile number, please contact us.

By Email: wecare-sg@greateasternlife.com

By Phone: 

1800 248 2888 (for local calls)

+65 6248 2888 (for overseas calls) 

9am – 5.30pm, Mon – Fri.


3. The UPGREAT app is not working, what should I do?

Check that you have the most updated version of UPGREAT

Check that your iOS / Android OS is updated to support the app

Try restarting your mobile phone

If the problem remains unresolved, please contact us at upgreat-sg@greateasternlife.com

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1. What is the “Live Great” badge?

The Live Great badge is an icon for Great Eastern to recognise you as a policyholder. There are more privileges and quests for policyholders, e.g. STARS transfer to UPGREAT points (in blocks of 500 STARS) for up to 1,000 STARS each month. 


2. What are XPs?

XPs are Experience Points that help you level up. 


3. How do I earn XP?

XPs are earned by completing Quests on the GETGREAT app. 


4. Do XP expire?

No, they do not. 


5. Can I give XP to my friends/buddies?

XPs cannot be given away. 


6. How do I level up?

You can level up by earning XPs from participating in Quests.


7. What are the benefits of levelling up?

The benefits of levelling up include earning additional STARS as well as unlocking a variety of avatars. 

 You may refer to the level information page in GETGREAT for more details. 


8. What are STARS? 

STARS are the currency used to transfer for points to redeem rewards on the UPGREAT app. 


9. How do I earn STARS? 

STARS can be earned through the Daily Great Walkathon and also when you level up.


10. Do STARS expire?

Yes, STARS are reset at 00:00 on the 1st of every month. 


11. Can I give STARS to my friends/buddies?

STARS cannot be given away.


12. What can I do to earn XPs or STARS?

Take part in the Quests: 

  • Daily Great Walkathon 
  • 7-Day Programme activity
  • Group Quest: Journey to the Top
  • Other Special Quests


13. Are 500 STARS achievable in a month?

Yes. There are various activities and programmes that award XPs and STARS; such as the Daily Great Walkathon and 7-day Programme that can enable you to earn STARS, as long as you sync your device/wearable daily.  


14. Why are my XPs and STARS not reflected?

Simply refresh the screen by swiping downwards to see the updated data.  


15. I am limited to only 500 STARS redemption per month. Can I redeem more STARS?

Become a Great Eastern policyholder and enjoy the added privilege of redeeming more STARS in blocks of 500.


16. How do I redeem my rewards?

Tap on the STARS icon below your name and it will take you to the STARS redemption page. Transfer STARS to points in the UPGREAT app then use those points to redeem rewards from the wide range of merchant offers on UPGREAT. 


17. My STARS expire at the end of the month. Can I get an extension or have STARS reinstated?

Use your STARS as they will expire at the end of each month. STARS validity cannot be extended nor reinstated.


18. Can I change my redemption after I have successfully redeemed?

Once the redemption has been completed, it cannot be changed. 


19. I used to be able to redeem 1000 points in the first version of GETGREAT, now I can only redeem 500 points. Why is this so?

Great Eastern’s GETGREAT is available to all without collecting any fees or charges from users. In the new version of GETGREAT, Great Eastern celebrates and recognises policyholders when they verify themselves in GETGREAT, to receive additional privileges. Great Eastern policyholders will be able to redeem 1000 STARS while Great Eastern non-policyholders will be able to redeem a maximum of 500 STARS per month. 


20. Can I repeat a workout after completing it once?

Yes, you can but XPs will only be awarded once. 


21. I completed my Daily Great Walkathon but did not receive the STARS. 

If you are using a wearable to track your steps, you need to sync your wearable to its corresponding app before syncing that app to GETGREAT. Please remember to do this daily and note that STARS are only awarded for steps completed within the same day.


22. Is there a bonus for completing all activities of a recommended programme?

Yes, there is an added bonus XP for completion of the recommended programme. 

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1. How do I invite friends/buddies?

You can invite friends/buddies by:

  • QR code
  • Email 
  • Share link


2. My friend/buddy tapped on the link but I do not see my friend/buddy listed on my GETGREAT buddy list. What should I do? 

Your friend/buddy will be sent a request notification, which he/she will have to accept. 


3. There seems to be an issue with the shared link to invite my friends/buddies, what should I do?

Please try tapping the link again to ensure that your friend/buddy followed through with the full process of login and registration.


4. How do I form a team with my friends/buddies?

  1. Select Quest type
  2. Create a group name
  3. Invite friends/buddies via email or GETGREAT buddy list


5. I joined a Group Quest but I cannot see my steps from previous days before I started the Quest. 

Please note that the steps are only counted from the day that you have accepted the Group Quest invite and after you are a part of the team. 


6. Can I add more members to the group when the Special Quest starts?

You can only create your group during the sign-up period. When the Quest starts, you can only leave the group but you are not allowed to add new members. 


7. I accepted a group invite and noticed that members of the group are now my GETGREAT buddies.

Upon accepting a Group Quest invite, group members will automatically be a part of your GETGREAT buddy list. 


8. Can I leave my “Journey to the Top” group?

Yes, you can, but once you leave the group, any tracked steps will be forfeited.

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How to Invite Friends with GETGREAT


  1. Tap on ‘More’.
  2. Tap on ‘Invite friends’.
  3. Tap on ‘Share My Code’. You can the share via various options
    email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat and more.


Your friend will receive the message. Have them click the link in the message and your friend will be led to the Apple or Google Play store to download the app.

  1. Download GETGREAT from the Apple store or the Google Play store
  2. Register an account with GETGREAT using your email and password
  3. Choose your health goals & fill in profile with your name, age & gender                   
  4. Once they have completed the sign up, tap on ‘More’.
  5. Tap on ‘Invite friends’
  6. Key in the code which was in the message they received.
  7. Tap Redeem’

To check: Tap on ‘More’. Tap on ‘Invite friends’. The ‘Code from a friend’ and ‘Redeem’ portion will no longer be there.

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