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FitAge x Great Comprehensive Care FAQ

FitAge x Great Comprehensive Care FAQ

Last updated: 3 Feb 2021

1.      Who is eligible for the FitAge x GREAT Comprehensive Care bonus STARS?

The Great Eastern's “FitAge x GREAT Comprehensive Care Bonus Stars Campaign” (the "Campaign") is open to individuals who meet all the following criteria ("Participants"; each a "Participant"):

  • Currently residing in Singapore;
  • Minimum 18 years old in 2020;
  • Maximum 65 age next birthday;
  • Not a company or legal entity;
  • Is the Life Insured of an inforce GREAT Comprehensive Care insurance policy (“GCC”); and
  • Is a current user of Great Eastern’s GETGREAT mobile app.

2. How do I join the FitAge x GREAT Comprehensive Care campaign?

a. Download the GETGREAT app via Apple Store or Google Play

b. Existing GETGREAT participants will be required to verify yourself as a Great Eastern Customer in the GETGREAT “Me” tab under Account Settings

c. Connect the GETGREAT app to your fitness tracker/app

d. Stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle to earn bonus STARS

3. What are STARS?

STARS are the currency earned using GETGREAT and used to exchange for reward points on Great Eastern’s UPGREAT application (“UPGREAT”). The exchange rate is 1 Star for 1 UPGREAT reward point. A user can redeem their Stars for UPGREAT rewards points in blocks of 500 or 1000 Stars before the Stars expire at the end of each month.

Participants are rewarded with base STARS for achieving a younger “FitAge” as measured by GETGREAT, provided that Participants sync their health tracker with GETGREAT daily before 2359 hours.

4. If I join today, when can I get my bonus STARS?

GETGREAT bonus STARS will only be awarded if a Participant’s GCC is inforce at the time the award of such bonus STARS.

Bonus STARS will only be awarded to GCC GETGREAT participants if you attain an average FitAge of at least one year younger for the month. Bonus STARS will be credited to GCC Participant’s GETGREAT account before 15th of the following month.

5. How do I redeem my bonus STARS?

Bonus STARS will be added to your overall GETGREAT STARS. Achieve a minimum of 500 STARS for the month and redeem them in blocks of 500 to the UPGREAT mobile app. Balance STARS not redeemed will be forfeited by month end.

6. How long will this FitAge x GREAT Comprehensive Care bonus STARS Campaign last?

The duration of the Campaign ("The Campaign Period") shall commence from 0000 hours on 01 June 2020 and will end at 2359 hours on 31 December 2021 (Singapore Time). GCC policy inforce:

a. between 1 June 2020 and 31 January 2021 is entitled to the Campaign, with end date between 31 May 2021 and 31 December 2021.

7. Where can I go to learn more about GETGREAT & FitAge?

For further information on the GETGREAT app and FitAge, please refer to https://www.greateasternlife.com/sg/en/mobile-apps/getgreat/getgreat-faq.html

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