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Kwek Shu Ling Samantha
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Kwek Shu Ling Samantha

15 English, Mandarin & Hokkien BSC, CFP, AEPP, General Insurance (Commerical & Personal)
MDRT, GE Life Achiever's Club (Life Member), International Dragon Award (IDA) Cooking, Swimming and Roller Blading

My first death cheque was issued to the parents of my best friend. I vividly remember how devastated we all were. This experience has since become a constant motivation for me - to reach out to as many as possible and ensure that families have financial coverage.

As a Certified Associate Financial Planner, I am able to tailor and implement financial solutions for individuals that include risk management, wealth accumulation and legacy planning.

In addition, I have also helped many businesses with their corporate portfolios, offering solutions to employee welfare benefits.

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