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Julie Tung Lay Ying

Julie Tung Lay Ying

3 Hokkien ChFC
GE Life Achiever's Club I love to travel and explore the wonders of the world. However, these few years, due to COVID-19, travelling has come to a halt. Thus these days you can find me exploring hidden places in Singapore and learning new languages (French, Korean). In my free time, I also like to explore new restuarants and I try to be disciplined with my pilates and dance.

I believe that we agents are given a sacred task. We must reach out to as many people as we can before the dark clouds of sickness, death and disability hit them. We must put food on the table for the family when the breadwinner is no longer around. We must make sure that you can retain your dignity and pride even if you need assistance with daily living. And we must make sure that retirement is a choice for you, not a luxury.

Before I became a financial planner, for 10 years, I was a marketing manager working my rounds round the corporate world. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to engage and interact with people from all walks of life and all levels of the society.

But I was never quite happy with a corporate job. So I took the bold step and the rest is history. Today, I am 11 years into the job and not a single ounce of regret. Not only was it financially rewarding, I actually learn to be human again. One of the first few things I learned from my manager and director, is that we are given a sacred task, we must reach out to as many people as we can before the dark cloud of sickness, death and disability hit them.

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