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Sherri Tan

9 English, Mandarin & Hokkien ChFC, ASEP, MFA
MDRT, GE Life Achiever's Club, International Dragon Award (IDA) Travelling, Trekking, Seeking out for local heritage & food

Built my Second Career with Great Eastern Life. I am very happy to contribute to the lives of many. My clients make informed choices, and feel more confident to achieve their life's goals. In my 9 year career, I have received awards including: Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), Great Eastern Life Achiever's Club, and International Dragon Award (IDA).

My career has given me great job satisfaction through the positive impact that I have made on the community.

I always listen to the questions that my clients ask, whether they concern insurance, retirement, childrens' education, or investments. Clients also ask whether their loved ones or colleagues need advice. Bring your questions to me and I will be glad to help.

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