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Chua Yixiang
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Chua Yixiang

8 English, Mandarin & Hokkien CHFC, DPFP, IBF Lvl 2, AEPP, AMS
GE Life Achiever's Club, COT, MDRT, International Dragon Award (IDA) Spending time with my family, Hosting get togethers for friends and family as well as excercising regularly.

I act as my clients' financial advisor, helping them manage their financial portfolios in a holistic manner. Over time, many of my clients have become my friends and I am committed to walking the journey with them.

My certifications include ChFC, DPFP, IBF (level 2), AEPP, AMS. I have been in the Million Dollar Round Table since 2016 and was in the Court of Table in 2021; I am also in the Great Eastern Life Achiever's Club. I have been accorded the International Dragon Award for a few years and the SMA 2020 Silver Award.

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