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Tian Zhenrong, Jeremy
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Tian Zhenrong, Jeremy

7 English, Mandarin & Hokkien ChFC, AFC, Bachelor in Business (Management)
GE Life Achiever's Club, MDRT, International Dragon Award (IDA) Food, Finance, Football, Golf and reading are what takes up most of my time. I also love spending quality time with my loved ones. At the end of the day, the most important things are a healthy body, loving family and friends, and a good spiritual relationship.

Having pivoted from a Food & Beverage background to a financial industry has helped me realise that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Each person's needs are unique and therefore my job is to tailor solutions that are specific to their concerns. My motto is to prioritise their interests above all else and this principle has been the premise on which I operate. I also try to put myself in their shoes and view matters from their point of view. I am glad that many of my clients have come my friends.

I possess a ChFC, AFC, and a Bachelor in Business (Management). I am in the Million Dollar Round Table and Great Eastern Life Achiever's Club. I have also received the International Dragon Award.

Food, finance, football, golf and reading are what takes up my time outside of work. I also love spending quality time with my loved ones.

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