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Keline Koh Kai Hui

Keline Koh Kai Hui

4 English, Mandarin, Hokkien & Teochew AFP, Bsc (Honors) Mathematic & Economics
MDRT, GE Life Achiever's Club, International Dragon Award (IDA) Baking, Cooking, Travelling and Eating

As a non-beneficiary of insurance due to the demise of my father at a young age, it instills in me the importance of financial ability during hard times and the availability of continuous family income.

Dedicated to always acting in my clients' best interests, I joined the financial services with the primary aim of educating people on essential and relevant strategies to provide and protect their loved ones, and to grow their wealth for a fulfilling lifestyle.

Specialising in professionals' market, I advise clients on family protection, children's education planning, family income continuation and legacy planning. Most importantly, I believe in developing a long-term and meaningful relationship with you!

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