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Goh Chin Bin Dion
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Goh Chin Bin Dion

5 English, Mandarin & Hokkien AFC, DPFP, AEPP® and MFA
GE Life Achiever's Club, MDRT, International Dragon Award (IDA) Medicine, Architect, Basketball, Watches, and Cars

As I embarked on my 5th year with Great Eastern, the road here to be an established financial practitioner was one that is earned and not given. There were both up and down moments. Through it all, it was a testament to my heart and commitment to being a battle-tested financial practitioner. One who never gives up when time is difficult. It was a right of passage for me as I earned to be in this profession. Becoming a financial advisor whom clients can trust and rely on. As I peer into the near future, I see my team, made up of financial advisors who believed in and shared the same life principles as me. Being value-adding will always come first in every client-advisor relationship. Follow by value-creation. Lastly, the mission here is to always do good for our clients as well as run an outreach program to value-add young adults in the aspect of financial literacy. Playing our part by giving back to the community.

Through active listening, I am able to assist clients with their concerns. Having the ability and patience to zero into the exact concern that clients would like to address. If you value accountability, credibility, and the importance of making an informed decision, allow me to give you a call-back.

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