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Claudia Thia
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Claudia Thia

2 English & Mandarin NIL
GE Life Achiever's Club Graphic design, cooking, exploring different cuisines

I joined the industry in the middle of 2020, soon after graduating from NUS. I was scouted by my mentor who saw my potential to excel in this career. With grit and hard work, I managed to clinch a spot in the Great Eastern Achievers Club in 2022. This industry is not about the glitz and the glam to me, but about giving as well as enriching ourselves. In 2022, I participated in the Great Eastern Cares campaign where I volunteered my time at Bukit Panjang High School, teaching the students there the importance of financial planning. I want to continue to make a positive impact on the life of others, helping people to achieve their financial goals and dreams, be it young or old. It is never too early or too late to plan for yourself.

With my client-centric advisory model, my clients would receive professional service all around the clock. I customise each and every presentation to the needs and comfort of each client. I continue to keep myself updated on news and I'm able to impress my knowledge on clients on worldly affairs. I'm not just about giving financial advice, but teaching others financial literacy - imparting my skills, knowledge, attitude, and behaviours to clients to help them make sound financial decisions based on their own personal circumstances.

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