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Aloysius Tan
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Aloysius Tan

2 English, Mandarin, Teochew & Hokkien
You can find me enjoying video games during my leisure time. I'm an avid foodie who enjoys hawker-fare and cafe hopping. I'm a Technology enthusiast!

To me, financial planning is about having a sound strategy to effectively safeguard our loved ones. Whether in good or bad times, financial planning is a life-long journey not to be walked alone. As a Financial Consultant, I strive to walk with my clients on this life-long journey, not just as their advisor but also as a friend/confidante. My aim is to partner with my clients in turning their dreams into reality, with prudent financial planning and control.

In my leisure, you can find me enjoying video games, enjoying local hawker-fare, and cafe-hopping. I'm also a technology enthusiast.

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