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Great Eastern Birthday Treats Terms & Conditions

1. Great Eastern Birthday Treats is a customer rewards programme for Great Eastern policyholders between the age of 17 to 65 (based on age next birthday).

2. Policyholders who are eligible for the Birthday Treats will be notified via electronic mailer (EDM) or short message service (SMS), a week before their birthday month.

3. Only Policyholders who have given their marketing consent to Great Eastern will receive the notification.

4. Only Birthday Treats are available from the day when the Policyholders received the notification and will end a month after their birthday month. For example:

Birthday Month                             Birthday Treats Start Date                           Birthday Treats End Date                               


When Policyholder receives the notification 31 May 2020

5. All Birthday Treats are non-refundable or exchangeable for cash or in kind

6. There will be strictly no extension of the birthday treats offer period.


Birthday Treats (e-vouchers redeemable via UPGREAT)

7. Each Eligible Policyholder is entitled to redeem each Birthday Treats e-voucher once only.

8. To redeem the Birthday Treats e-vouchers, policyholders will have to download and sign up for an UPGREAT account using a valid email address.

9. The Birthday Treats e-vouchers are non-transferrable.

10. Redemption of Birthday Treats e-vouchers are subject to the individual terms and conditions listed on each voucher.

11. Great Eastern is entitled to replace, withdraw or add the Birthday Treats vouchers at any time without notice or liability. 


Additional Birthday Treats (Purchase of policy)

12. This promotion is open to eligible policyholders between the age of 17 to 55 only (based on age next birthday) who purchase a qualifying plan with a minimum qualifying premium as described below from The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited (“GELS”).

Qualifying Plans              Qualifying Annualised Premium Per Plan      Rewards                                      
Selected new Life regular premium plans Minimum of S$1,500                                               10,000 UPGREAT points (worth S$100)           
Selected Accident & Health regular premium plans          Minimum of S$400 3,000 UPGREAT points (worth S$30)

13. The following plans will not constitute as Qualifying Plans for this Promotion:

  • GREAT SupremeHealth series
  • GREAT TotalCare and GREAT TotalCare Plus
  • Government Scheme plans (eg: ElderShield Basic, Dependants’ Protection Scheme)
  • ElderShield series (eg. ElderShield Value Plus/Comprehensive)
  • All Single Premium and Recurrent Single Premium Plans

14. Paymode for all qualifying plans can be on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly payment frequency.

15. The plan will need to be in force within 14 days from the Birthday Treats end date. For example,

Birthday Month                    Birthday Treats Start Date                                          Birthday Treats End Date                  Latest In Force Date            
April When Policyholder receives the notification 31 May 2020 14 June 2020

16. Each Policyholder is only entitled to one reward for each of the qualifying plans, regardless of the number of plans purchased.

17. This promotion is not transferrable and not valid with other offers or promotions held by GELS unless otherwise stated.

18. In the event that any duplicate Reward is made or if the policy is cancelled within the free-look period, GELS reserves the right to recover the full value of the Reward (or duplicate Reward, as the case may be) from the Policyholder.

19. UPGREAT points will be credited into the Eligible Policyholder’s account within 2 months after the Birthday Treats end date, and after the 14-day free look period.

20. Eligible Policyholders are required to download the UPGREAT mobile application and register for an account using a valid email address in order to receive the UPGREAT points.

21. GELS reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions or withdraw this Promotion at any time without prior notice. The decision of GELS on all matters relating to this Promotion shall be final and binding on all customers.

22. The terms and conditions of this Promotion shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Singapore law. The courts of Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from the terms and conditions, including the validity and enforceability thereof.


Information updated as at 25 June 2020

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