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Live Great 110 Challenge


As part of our 110th celebration series to reward loyal policyholders and encourage all to Live Great, we have launched the Live Great 110 Challenge. 

Simply register, participate and get up to S$300* shopping vouchers. Here's how: 


Register for the Challenge

Submit the registration form (found at the end of this page) by 30 September 2018.

Download the GETGREAT and UPGREAT apps

Download from the Apple App Store for iOS users or Google Play store for Android users.


GETGREAT App - Click here for Instructions
UPGREAT App - Click here for Instructions

Achieve 110,000 steps on GETGREAT app

Achieve 110,000 steps within any calendar month between June to September 2018* and you are one step closer to receiving up to S$300 in shopping vouchers.

*A calendar month means as follows:


Months Dates
June 2018 1 June - 30 June 2018
July 2018 1 July - 31 July 2018
August 2018 1 August - 31 August 2018
September 2018 1 September - 30 September 2018


Purchase selected Life or Accident & Health regular premium plans*


From 1 May to 31 July 2018, purchase selected Life or Accident & Health regular premium plans* (inforce by 31 August 2018) and be rewarded.


Qualifying Plans Qualifying Annualised Premiums


(Shopping Vouchers redeemable through UPGREAT mobile application)

All new Protection Life and Accident & Health regular premium plans and its cash paying riders S$1,200 - S$3,599 S$100
S$3,600 and above S$300


*Refer to the list of selected Life or Accident & Health regular premium plans.


Please note that the email address used must be the same across:-

    1. Registration form

    2. GETGREAT app account

    3. UPGREAT app account


Eligible Policyholders will be notified and will receive their shopping vouchers via the UPGREAT app by 31 December 2018.


By providing the information set out above, each participant of the Live Great 110 Challenge (the “Participant”) agrees and consents to Great Eastern and its related corporations (collectively, the "Companies"), as well as their respective representatives, agents, the Companies’ authorised service providers and relevant third parties (the Companies and all the other foregoing parties, collectively, “Great Eastern Persons”), collecting, using and/or disclosing his personal data, for purposes reasonably required by the Companies to administer the Live Great 110 Challenge (the “Challenge”) and such other purposes as described in Great Eastern’s Privacy Statement which is accessible from Great Eastern Singapore’s website, which the Participant confirms he has read and understood.

In addition, by participating in the Promotion, each Participant consents to Great Eastern Persons collecting, using and disclosing his personal data in their records (whether contained in this online registration form or from other sources) for the purposes of providing him updates and rewards about their products and services via:

  • Voice calls, text and fax messages (regardless of my registration(s) with the Do Not Call Registry);
  • postal mail and email.


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Download Now

Download the GETGREAT app, embark on the step challenges today, and redeem up to S$10* in vouchers.

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