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Thank you for your continued support of our Live Great Programme and we hope that you have enjoyed using the Live Great card for the exclusive health and wellness offers from our Live Great merchant partners.

There are 2 ways to renew your card:

Option 1:

Sign up for the OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo credit card which also serves as a Live Great membership card with more benefits! Click here to find out more.

Option 2:

Fill up the form below with your particulars and we will proceed to send a new Live Great card to you. Please note that renewal of card can only be done 30 days before the expiry date

Renew now

Marketing Consent

By providing information above, I consent to Great Eastern and it's related corporations (collectively, the "Companies") providing me updates and rewards about their products and services via:
• phone1; and
• mail, email and other means of communication.

By submitting this form, I understand and agree that:
a. the Companies, and their respective representatives and agents ("Representatives"), may collect, use and/or disclose my personal data for contacting me about products and services offered by the Companies; and
b. my response here does not affect my other consents given to the Companies and their Representatives and their rights at law in respect of my personal data.

1 This option includes voice calls, text and fax via my Singapore telephone numbers provided in this form as well as all of my other Singapore telephone numbers in Great Eastern's records from time to time.

I agree and confirm that I have read, understood and consent to the above and the Privacy Statement, including without limitation the section as it applies to the Live Great Programme.

Please enter the characters you see above.

OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card
Great Eastern Live Great card
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