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Parenthood - An Amazing Journey


Hear from the experts and raise your burning questions on parenting!

The parenting forum comprises a mix of talks and workshops, that cover a range of topics to impart key fundamental parenting knowledge and to equip new parents/ parents-to-be with essential parenting skills.

Key Highlights

  • Childhood respiratory infections and the impact to your child’s heart
  • Planning your family finances and maximising your child subsidies and schemes
  • Potty training your child – The right time, the right way
  • Face-to-face discussion with experts on post-partum care – Pelvic floor dysfunction: Understanding the cause, how it affects you and treatment options

(Each participant is entitled to 2 workshops)

Workshop (Session A)

  • Recognising the developmental red flags for early interventions
  • Techniques for successful breastfeeding
  • Fostering a secure relationship with your child through the “Circle of Security” (for parents with children aged 0 - 5)
  • Caring for your newborn skin
  • Stretching the dollar for your family

Workshop (Session B)

  • Ways to enhance your child’s development
  • Techniques for successful breastfeeding
  • Raising little warriors: Help your child develop effective coping skills
  • Tips for parents: Parenting in the new digital age
  • Self medicating your child and how to do it safely

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Registration closes on 20 July 2017 (Thursday). Seats are confirmed upon full payment on a first-come-first-served basis. Registration fee is non-refundable.

Date: 22 July 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00am to 4:15pm
Venue: KKH Auditorium (Training Centre), Level 1, Women’s Tower
$12 per participant / $18 per couple
$10 per participant / $15 per couple (KKJC members)

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