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Care Plus Programme

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Care Plus Programme

#Lifeproof your prime years with free 12 months disability support

We are in our peak when we are in our 30s. We have great plans in cementing our careers. It is the perfect time to achieve our milestones like starting a family and building our legacy. While we work towards fulfilling our dreams, the last thing we would expect is to fall suddenly into a state of severe disability. But here's the thing. Accidents and illnesses can happen unexpectedly to anyone - anytime so being prepared, allows one to minimise the impact of life's unpleasant curve balls.


As The Life Company, we Lifeproof the surprises you may encounter in your prime years with our Care Plus Programme, which offers free 12 months disability support on top of you being enrolled into CareShield Life from mid-2020. 

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Care Plus Programme

Key things to know


Who is eligible?

Singapore citizens and permanent residents born between 1 January 1980 and 30 June 1990 (both dates inclusive).


How long is the Programme1?

12 months starting from the day you receive our confirmation email.


How much is the payout?

S$600 per month for up to 60 months. To qualify, you must be unable to perform at least 3 Activities of Daily Living2 (ADLs).


Is there a death benefit?

In the event death occurs while you are receiving the month benefit, your loved ones will receive a death benefit of S$3,000.


Can I increase my payout?

Your payouts and benefit can be upgraded when our CareShield Life supplementary plans3 are launched - no additional medical assessment needed. 

Terms and conditions apply. 

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About the Care Plus Programme

About the Programme

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