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DIRECT - Great Life

Life Insurance

DIRECT - Great Life

DIRECT - Great Life is an alternative way to purchase essential protection.

DIRECT - Great Life 70 and DIRECT - Great Life 85 are whole life plans that give you lifetime protection against death, terminal illness1 and total and permanent disability2. The plans also accumulate cash value over time.

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Direct Purchase Insurance

Watch and learn more on how Direct Purchase Insurance can benefit you and your loved ones.

Key benefits


Basic lifetime coverage with savings elements

Receive lifetime protection in the event of Death, Terminal Illness1  or Total and Permanent Disability2  (up to age 65 next birthday).


Affordable premiums for essential coverage

You can pay premiums up to age 70 or 85 next birthday and benefit from lifetime coverage.


Option to add critical illness rider

Enhance your basic coverage with the critical illness benefit rider and receive a lump sum should you be diagnosed with one of the 30 critical illnesses.


Enjoy bonuses accumulated from the participating policy


Purchase a plan directly and allow our friendly customer service officers to assist you

How to apply

You can submit an application by clicking on ‘Buy Now’ or for manual application, please follow these steps:


  1. Download the Proposal Form and the Direct Purchase Insurance Factsheet.
  2. Complete the Proposal Form and Direct Purchase Insurance Factsheet and Print.
  3. Visit our Customer Service counters at Great Eastern Center (address below) and bring along both documents.


1 Pickering Street
Great Eastern Centre
Singapore 048659


Alternatively, to download more information, click on any of the links below:

  1. Find out how much coverage you need by using the Insurance Estimator at the following link:

  2. It is important that you commit only to a product that you can afford as you will lose insurance coverage if you are unable to keep up with the premiums and your insurance policy lapses. To check if the insurance premium is within your budget, click on the link below:

  3. To compare similar products in Singapore, please visit the Web Aggregator by clicking the link below:

  4. Please take note of the following points before decide to purchase this plan:
    (a) The DPI is not a savings account or deposit;
    (b) You may not get back the premiums paid (partially or in full) if you terminate or surrender the policy early;
    (c) Some benefits of the DPI are not guaranteed;
    (d)There is a 14-day free-look period.

  5. If you fulfil any two of the following criteria:
    • You have attained less than GCE ‘O’ level or ‘N’ level certification, or equivalent academic qualifications,then you are strongly encouraged to bring along a Trusted Individual to our Customer Service counter to assist in your insurance application. The Trusted Individual should be:
    • You are not proficient in spoken or written English
    • You are 62 years of age or older
    • At least 18 years of age and younger than age 62
    • Attained GCE ‘O’ level or ‘N’ level certification, or equivalent academic qualifications
    • Proficient in spoken or written English
    • Has your trust
  6. For information on what to expect after you purchase your plan, see view below:

Get this plan

You can submit an application by clicking on ‘Buy Now’ or for more information, please contact our friendly Customer Service Officers.

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