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GoGreat Term Life Frequently asked questions

1.    What is the GoGreat Term Life?

GoGreat Term Life is a non-participating, yearly renewable term insurance plan that provides protection against death, terminal illness and total permanent disability. This plan is exclusive to DPS policyholders with inforced DPS policy.


2.    Who is eligible for GoGreat Term Life?

All DPS policyholders between 16 and 40 age last birthday can purchase GoGreat Term Life. GoGreat Term Life is yearly renewable up to age 65.


3.    Do I need to go through health underwriting when I purchase GoGreat Term Life?

There is no health underwriting. However, you are required to complete one (1) Health Declaration during application.


4.    If my DPS policy is terminated, will my GoGreat Term Life policy be terminated as well?

No, GoGreat Term Life is a standalone policy from DPS and will not be terminated.


5.    Can I pay the GoGreat Term Life premiums by CPF?

No, GoGreat Term Life is an optional plan for additional coverage that is payable via payment modes such as E-banking, AXS, Cash or Cheque for initial and recurring payment.


6.    How can I make a claim?

A GoGreat Term Life claim can be made when a policyholder passes away or is certified to be suffering from terminal illness or total permanent disability.

a) Terminal illness refers to an illness that is likely to result in the death of the member within 12 months from diagnosis.

b)   Total permanent disability refers to (i) the inability to take part in any employment permanently, or (ii) the total permanent loss of physical function of any of the following:

  • Both eyes, or
  • Two limbs, or
  • One eye and one limb

For more information regarding the claim procedure, please click here.

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