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GREAT Life Advantage  II

Life Insurance

GREAT Life Advantage II

#Lifeproof your future, while living your life right now

Starting your first job is incredibly exciting, and incredibly nerve-wracking. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is how to protect what’s important during this busy stage of life.


GREAT Life Advantage II is a regular premium investment-linked plan that gives you life-long protection, no matter where you are in life. Not only that, we’ll support your transition through each exciting new phase of your life – you have the flexibility to increase your coverage, or reduce it to zero1 when your protection needs are no longer as important as they once were so as to maximise your investment returns in later years.

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GREAT Life Advantage II

An affordable and flexible investment-linked plan that gives you comprehensive lifetime protection. 


Live #lifeproof with GREAT Life Advantage II.

Key benefits

Affordable premiums

Affordable premiums from as low as S$100 a month

Get protected against Death2 , Total and Permanent Disability3 and Terminal Illness from as low as S$100 a month.

Flexible coverage

Flexible coverage adjustable at life’s milestones

Increase your coverage without medical assessment whenever you reach any of the eight life’s milestone events4 like getting married or becoming a parent.

Comprehensive critical illness protection

Comprehensive critical illness protection

Add supplemental benefits for protection against 120 critical illness conditions across different stages. The GREAT MultiPay CriticalCare Advantage Rider allows you to make multiple claims of up to 300% of your coverage amount upon diagnosis of 120 Critical Illnesses (across different stages) including Subsequent Cancer, Subsequent Heart Attack and Subsequent Stroke.

How GREAT Life Advantage II works

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