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Life Insurance


The assurance that your outstanding home loan will be settled, come what may

Should the unexpected happen, MortgageCare is a home loan insurance plan that covers your remaining mortgage payments, so that your loved ones will continue to have a roof over their heads. Plus, you'll pay unchanging premiums only for limited years, while your protection continues right through the plan term.

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Key benefits


Be assured of mortgage settlement

In the event of death, terminal illness – or disability before you reach 65 years of age – your family will receive a lump sum amount that’ll help pay off the mortgage.


Enjoy joint coverage as a co-owner

If you and your spouse are co-owners of the house, a joint-life MortgageCare plan will ensure mortgage settlement if anything happens to either of you.


Get add-on cover for illnesses too

For even greater assurance, you can opt to also be covered against 37 critical illnesses with the MortgageCare (Living Assurance)1 plan.


Pay the same premium for limited years

You don’t need to worry about rising costs – your premium remains unchanged throughout the limited payment term, while your protection continues right through the plan term.

How MortgageCare works

Thomas and Martha, both aged 30, buy a home as co-owners, and sign up for a joint-life MortgageCare plan.


Home Loan S$400,000*
Term of Loan 10 years
Sumassured for plan S$400,000
Plan Term 10 years
Premium Term 8 years
Annual Premium S$316 (doesn’t change throughout the premium term)


Five years into paying off their home loan, Thomas passes away.


Outstanding Loan S$220,000
Plan Payout S$220,000 (which Martha uses to settle the outstanding home loan


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