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Prestige Harvest 8

Life Insurance

Prestige Harvest 8

Leave a lasting legacy. Enjoy your golden years

Prestige Harvest 8 , a US Dollardenominated universal life plan, enables you to leave a legacy for your loved ones and provide a comfortable lifestyle for your future generations, while continuing to preserve and grow your wealth today. You have the flexibility to invest with a one-time single premium, or make regular premium payments over a period of 2 to 10 years while receiving lifetime coverage against Death and Terminal Illness. 


If you are a business owner, you can also protect your business from the unforeseen to ensure its continued success. 

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Key benefits


Enhance your wealth

Enjoy a fixed and guaranteed crediting rate of 4.35% p.a.* for the first 3 years.  


Protect your business

Safeguard your business interests with essential liquidity or funding  should you unexpectedly lose your business partner or keyman.


Distribute your wealth according to your wishes

Create an immediate estate worth at least USD 0.5 million1 . Enable your loved ones to build on your success.

How Prestige Harvest 8 works

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