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Supreme Retirement

Retirement Plan

Supreme Retirement | Retirement Financial Planning

Make your retirement financially comfortable.

Your CPF savings may not be enough to see you all the way through your retirement. Supreme Retirement helps you enjoy your golden years without worrying about money.


Starting from the second year of the plan, you can look forward to annual cash bonuses1. And, when you reach your chosen retirement age, celebrate with a lump sum Retirement Reward of up to 24 times your selected monthly income, plus guaranteed income every month for the next 20 years.


What’s more, signing up for the plan is quick and easy – you’ll enjoy guaranteed signup, without having to go for medical check-ups.

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Key benefits


Receive an assured retirement reward

An upfront lump sum payout of 24 times your selected monthly income will help you kick off your retirement in style.


Enjoy guaranteed income raises

Every five years, your retirement income will be raised by 25% of your first monthly payout – so you stay ahead of inflation.


Get assured monthly income for 20 years

Make your golden years financially comfortable with the guaranteed monthly income you’ll receive for as long as 20 years into your retirement.


You decide how you pay

Depending on your budget, take your pick from three premium payment options: as a lump sum, over a 10-year period, or up to five years before your chosen retirement age.


Choose when your payout starts

Whatever retirement age you choose – 60, 65 or 70 years – you can look forward to a monthly retirement income for 20 years from that date.


Receive a maturity payout, too

When your plan ends, you’ll receive a maturity payout.

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