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Travel E@sy

Travel Insurance

Travel E@sy

*In view of the situation in Hong Kong, no cover will be provided for losses or damages in connection with the Hong Kong riots for policies purchased after 20 August 2019, 2200 hours.


Travel E@sy offers comprehensive travel insurance at an affordable price. Enjoy a stress-free adventure with your family and friends, with premiums from just S$26. Travel with confidence, knowing that medical expenses incurred during your trip will be covered. You can also claim a cash allowance of up to S$200 a day, if you’re hospitalised overseas.


Travel E@sy also provides compensation while you’re overseas if your trip is cancelled, delayed or interrupted. It also covers the loss or delay of your luggage  – and the loss of personal money and travel documents.


That’s not all! In case you need urgent medical help while overseas, our SOS Hotline for Emergency Assistance Services is available to you.

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Key benefits

Up to S$100,000 for death and disablement

Up to S$200,000 for death on public transport

Up to S$200,000 in medical reimbursement

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