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Wealth Accumulation

Flexi Cashback

Build your dreams, while enjoying yearly cash payouts

Starting your career gives you a steady income stream to do what you love. At the same time, your financial responsibilities are growing, and planning for the future is the smart thing to do.

A more focused and disciplined financial plan can help you fast track to important milestones like getting married, building a family, or buying a home.

Flexi Cashback, a regular premium endowment insurance plan, makes it easy for you to kickstart your life plans without compromising on the lifestyle you enjoy. Receive guaranteed yearly cash payouts starting from the end of the second policy year1 onwards to indulge in whatever you want — whether it’s a big-ticket purchase or a vacation. Plus, you’ll be covered against Death2, Total and Permanent Disability3, and Terminal Illness, while saving for the future.


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How Flexi Cashback works?

With Flexi Cashback, you can build your dreams while enjoying yearly cash payouts. 

Key Benefits


High guaranteed yearly cash payouts

Start receiving cash payouts yearly from the end of the second policy year1 .


Capital guaranteed upon maturity4

Flexi Cashback guarantees your capital and gives attractive potential returns in the form of bonuses when the policy matures.


Flexible premium payment terms

Flexible premium payment term options from as short as 5 years and up to 25 years.  


Guaranteed acceptance

Enjoy a straightforward and hassle-free application process with no medical underwriting required.


Enhanced coverage options for added assurance

Boost your protection by adding supplementary riders such as Payer Benefit or Premium Waiver rider. 

How Flexi Cashback works

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